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Friday, February 18, 2011

Love's Protection

I've been ignoring this blog. The last time I tried to post something it said that I was out of free memory space and directed me to where I could purchase more. That threw me off and I never came back to address the issue. In the mean time I got an e-mail from someone threaten to sue me over a drawing I did for a gentle's sewage cleaning company because he had a copyright on the name: "Sewer Hog"; remember that one? So, instead of facing litigation over a crappy drawing (pun intended), I deleted the three post related to it. Hopefully that has freed up a bit of space. I will find out as soon as I try to post this particular doodle.

I have a goal of creating enough of these "devotional doodles" to submit a book for publication. Maybe I shouldn't be posting these to the web, as people are want to just take your work, but I enjoy sharing.  I want to have a total of 52 done by the year's end. I have 25 so far. Here's one that I drew just this week.

What's consuming you this week? Giving it to the Lord. Copy & Share If You Dare


Erika Jean said...

out of space?? was it from blogger or from wherever you upload your pics (I think blogger is through picasa?

Rick said...

To Erika Jean:Yes, Blogger via Picasa. Or was it Picasa via Blogger? Whatever.

Kay said...

wow..what a mess for you! I like your doodle idea. I too think that even if someone wanted to steal my art or ideas..I still enjoy putting it out there. I love looking at other artists work. I do get ideas but believe me I am not handy enough to do exact replicas. I post on a free artists site and every time I post a new work I see the same thing done by someone else within 24 hours! But it is just not mine and I can tell so I hope others can too! Besides..I can't sell art- so good luck replicating mine!!!

Laura~peach~ said...

that is the very reason my blog moved... i had to start a new one as picassa has a limit to how many pics you can have... i debated on removing older pics but you know what one reason for my blog was to have pics with dates ect to keep up with things in my world... so it is either buy more space or make a new blog... and i am sorry to hear about the person wanting to sue you... gah... love and hugs!

theoldadam said...

Great drawing!Great theology!

Thanks for sharing.

JustinB said...

Nice Doodle!!! :D