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Monday, April 4, 2011

1st Thessalonians

Our middle daughter is working on her master's degree. We actually have two daughters working on their masters. We are very proud. One of Andrea's assignments was to come up with a creative way of presenting an outline for one of the books of the Bible. She chose 1st Thessalonians. We talked about it and this was what we came up with. I was happy to draw it out for her. You should go from the bottom to the top when reading her three points about the book. It was a fun assignment.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I am sorry to have been ignoring you so much lately. It seems that every time I think about posting something on you I have very little time. Over the past four years you have given to me a great deal of fun and joy. I have been introduced to some interesting people by you, and you have also provided a good deal of income to me. You've not made me rich, by any means, but there has been a bit of coinage come my way because of your vigilance on the internet. Thank you.

I wish now to offer this bit of doodlery as a peace offering and apology for my absence. I know that it's not much but it's something simple that I can quickly post on your pages. It really is nonsense, I know, but it is something that I've enjoyed scribbling down on paper over the last few weeks. I do have a number of other pieces that I have been intending to post here. You will just have to be understanding and know that you are not forgotten—at least not completely forgotten. It really is my intent to get back to posting my organized doodles on you more often.

Can you ever forgive me?


Friday, February 18, 2011

Love's Protection

I've been ignoring this blog. The last time I tried to post something it said that I was out of free memory space and directed me to where I could purchase more. That threw me off and I never came back to address the issue. In the mean time I got an e-mail from someone threaten to sue me over a drawing I did for a gentle's sewage cleaning company because he had a copyright on the name: "Sewer Hog"; remember that one? So, instead of facing litigation over a crappy drawing (pun intended), I deleted the three post related to it. Hopefully that has freed up a bit of space. I will find out as soon as I try to post this particular doodle.

I have a goal of creating enough of these "devotional doodles" to submit a book for publication. Maybe I shouldn't be posting these to the web, as people are want to just take your work, but I enjoy sharing.  I want to have a total of 52 done by the year's end. I have 25 so far. Here's one that I drew just this week.

What's consuming you this week? Giving it to the Lord. Copy & Share If You Dare

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The Gospel of John has it's own version of the Christmas story. Though less of a narrative, it is very powerful, nonetheless. Here is an illustration of one of the verses from John's words.
His birth is celebrated around the world, yet many do not recognize Him still. 
Merry Christmas!
Copy & Share if You Dare

Friday, December 17, 2010

Giant Jim

Jim is the youth pastor at our church, and a good friend. One evening I stepped in for him at the youth group while he was out of town. At one point he seem a bit concerned whether or not I would be able to handle teens. I told him, "Don't worry. I'm going to knock it out of the park." Since then that has been an inside joke between us: "Are you going to knock it out of the park?," we'll asked each other.

That's Jim and his wife Jolene to the left. They're expecting their 2nd child in August. I think "Richard" is one of the names that's being considered—at least it should be considered, don't you think?

Jim is a San Francisco Giants fan. You can imagine that he was in hog heaven when they won the Series.

For Christmas I wanted to give him something special, and so I created this caricature of him. I presented it to him at a little party we had at our house. It's always fun to have the chance to see one of my subject's reaction when they open one of my doodles. Jim like what I had created. He seemed most impressed that I got his hair right on. Half of the party was spent hunting for Eggy. He found him, but it took a while.
Nice sweater Jim.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where My Brain Is

Well, I'm sitting at 40 pounds down since June 12th. I have a goal of reaching 50lbs by Jan. 12th. That will mean 6 months on this "life-style change" that I've been on. At least, that's what my Son-in-law, Ben, calls it. He took on the challenge of acting as my trainer while I am on this campaign. Lately the "life-style change" has felt more like a diet. Ben has me on, what he calls, a "December to remember" program—no breads, no cereal, no chips, no pasta, none of that. The good news is that I can eat all the meat and fruit that I want. I am definitely into meat. On top of all that I have a light workout routine that I do three times a week, and I walk one hour each day—no small task. It seems to be working.

The other day I was walking down a street am I'm thinking, "My body is out on the road, but where is my mind?" I'll show you where my mind was...

That's where it was, and he (my brain) wasn't helping me out on that road one cotton-pickin' bit! Where's your brain been these days? Copy & Share If You Dare

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

I couldn't tell you how many caricatures that I've done over the past four years. I've kept a copy of almost all of them. Someday I've going to lay them all out on a floor just so that I can get an idea of how many I've drawn.  It will take a room larger than my living room to lay them all out next to each other—there are just too many. Even to try and show you all the one I might consider my favorite pieces would make this post far too long. Still, I want to try and show off a few of what I consider to be better examples of my work. All of these have been posted on this blog sometime before, but for your consideration here are a few of my favorite things, or rather doodles.

Drawn for a sweet girl, Christie. She used it as the header on her blog about her journey through serious illnesses.

I guess you would call Tom my step-father-in-law. He had quite a costume one halloween and I gave this to him as a Christmas gift one year.

 Drawn for a client living in Arizona who's husband owns an unusual antique tractor.

Drawn for a client in Florida who's husband enjoys a good round of golf and driving their dog, Daisy, around in their golf cart.

Drawn for a client in England who's grandfather is a retired dentist and enjoyed singing hymns to his patients.

This was an anniversary gift for the son and daughter-in-law of a friend. I spent a long time studying the famous painting, American Gothic, to create this one.

This was a birthday gift for a very good friend of mine that is a minister in New Mexico.

Drawn for a longtime friend that enjoys hunting in the fields of NW Oklahoma. He and I had a successful turkey hunt together one season.

 Drawn for a client in Idaho that owns a potato farm.

Drawn for a good friend that has been kind and generous to me on more than one occasion. This hangs on a wall next to his bed.

 Drawn for a client who's son is a serious poker player.

Drawn for a client with a large family. They are military stationed in Japan. She wasn't sure about my suggestion of a Ninja theme, but liked the way it turned out.

Drawn for a client that has a daughter who owns an unusual pair of pants—very fancy indeed.

 Drawn for a client that is quite a nature lover.

Drawn for a client who's husband is a big Lord of the Ring fan. 

An illustration of my dear departed brother-in-law Jim. His daughter asked God to let her see her daddy one more time. Right after that she got her copy of this illustration from her mother. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

This was one of my few serious portraits, drawn for a good friend that loaned us her cabin in Colorado for a few days.

This is my mother-in-law. Rabbits fear her when she drives the riding lawn mower. As a matter of fact, I do too.

Drawn for a fellow blogger that has become a good friend. One of the few fellow bloggers that I've ended up having the chance to meet face to face. She sent us okra in the mail. I sent her this doodle.

Drawn for another blogging friend. She was about to order an illustration from me, then she had some difficulties which causes her to cancel the order. I enjoyed surprising her by drawing one for her anyways. She uses it as her blog header.

Drawn for a young lady that is a family friend that grew up and became a preschool teacher. I thought this turned out really well and I was especially proud of the way the lettering turned out.

It's not too late to get in an order for a caricature before Christmas. You might be surprised by my rates. If you'd like more information then e-mail me and I'll be happy to tell you what I charge for an 8x10 illustration of that loved one on your gift list—the one that you always have a hard time figuring out what to buy them.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Name Thingy Project

I'm sitting on the living room floor of my oldest daughter's house. We've been in Oklahoma for the past week getting things together for daughter number two's wedding. The nuptials happened yesterday and everything went very well. I've been sharing on this blog my plans to create a large styrofoam cutout to help decorate the wedding reception. Here is my report of how the "Name Thingy Project" turned out.

The work actually began when I did the "dry run" back in Brookings. (See below what I did as a practice project.)

I think I drew a version of this a half of dozen times. This was the one that I chose to create. It was important to create a shape that would have stability. The sweeping lines underneath their names helped to make it strong.

I set up shop at daughter number one's church across the road from their home. They were very gracious and kind to me—letting me use up a good deal of the floor space in their sanctuary to work. A few days before the wedding it was suggested that I create a smaller version to be hung over the guest book table. That created more pressure on the use of my time.

I copied the design onto a transparency and projected the image onto a large piece of styrofoam that my (first) son-in-law picked up for me at Home Depot.

Then, while being careful not to bump the projector, I traced out the design onto two 8th foot panels.

Then I cut out the image using the lines as my guide. Back home, when I did my dry run, I tried using an electric knife, but the styrofoam I used then was a standard thickness. The panels I got in Oklahoma was a compressed foam and too hard for the knife. The youth pastor at the church was kind enough to loan me his sawzall to use instead. That worked great for the large cuts, but for the tighter spots I utilized a hot knife.

After cutting the image out I painted the back and the edges with flat black paint.

I was able to find a latex metallic gold to use on the face. Many of the metallic paints are oil based and will eat into the foam if you use it.

My father-in-law, Tom, helped me a bunch. He worked hard to clean up the edges of the cutout.

After that I outlined the letter with an olive green, which was one of my daughter's wedding colors. The image always pops whenever you get to the outlining stage.

We were able to string a cable out across the area we were trying to fill with decorations in the church's fellowship hall. Then we used fishing string to hang the name thingy and several Chinese lanterns. That's my next future son-in-law working on the ladder. My oldest daughter, Tarah, is the one holding the cutout up.

Then we hung Chinese Lanterns on either side.

The finished product. What do you think?

A view of the reception area from above.

Here is a photo of the smaller cutout hanging over the guest book table. I had a lot of people say nice things about my work. Most were wondering how I got the things from Oregon to Oklahoma. I wanted to say that we flew out a craftsman from Oregon to make the design for us, but I was enjoying hearing their complements too much to lie.

After the fun was over, it was my sad responsibility to dispose of them. After all, what does one do with a 14 foot name thingy? 

So, I took them outside, popped them over my knee and dumped them in the dumpster. Isn't this a sad photo?

BUT WAIT!?! That's not entirely true...

We just couldn't destroy the entire project.



Snuck over to the newlywed's home and hung the smaller cutout over their bed—waiting there for their return. I guess they will have to decide it's fate.

I'll post some photos from the wedding soon. You can find several that I've already posted on my Facebook page. It was a beautiful event and my daughter looked VERY beautiful.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sweet Uncle Roy

Jodi has become a regular customer. She has request two previous caricatures from me. One of her husband, who is a chaplain in the USAF, and a second one as a Christmas gift for her mother. (Use the links to check them out.)

This time Jodi made a touching request. She wrote...

"My sweet Uncle Roy passed away this morning. He has been battling cancer for years, and even though we knew his time was near, the family is still grieving. He was still in his 50's and that just seems to young."

"You did a drawing for a family awhile back that I never forgot. Their loved one had passed away, and you drew him in angles arms flying to heaven, with Jesus awaiting with open arms."

"Do you repeat those types of drawings?"

The drawing that Jodi was referring to is one that my sister request after her husband, my dear brother-in-law, Jim, passed away. Jim was a good man and a good friend to me. I still miss him. That drawing was very personal, but of course I was willing to create something for Jodi's family.

There were some special request that went with this assignment.

Apparently, Uncle Roy was "the biggest Alabama football fan" she ever knew. She wanted me to include the hat worn by Coach Bear Bryant somewhere in the drawing.

The color yellow was his favorite. 
Through the years of his illness family members sent pictures of everyone wearing yellow, at the request of his wife's, Lis. At the funeral they had yellow ribbons for the family to wear.

His daughter Molly, 17 years old, went and got a tattoo in his honor. (Ouch! Right on the neck too!!)

Plus, he and his wife had a thing for dragonflies. They collected them. They gave them to each other. They have poems and songs written about them all over their house. 

With all those special request in mind, I went to work and here is what I came up with.
I think this drawing turned out fairly well. I managed to work in all the little request that Jodi made. For some reason it took me quite a while to get this piece completed. Maybe because it was such an important and personal topic to me. Maybe it's because I have a few distractions in my wife, with a daughter getting married in less than a week's time. I changed this illustration from the one I did of Jim. Instead of one big angel, I drew two smaller cherubs. For some reason I felt that a larger angel would be a distraction from the central figure, Uncle Roy.

Jodi said she really liked the drawing. Unfortunately, she has yet to get the actual piece in hand. I got the envelope back in the mail today—apparently I didn't have the correct address. I feel bad because Jodi has been waiting for this for sometime. It's close enough to Christmas that it might work as a Christmas gift.

Thank you Jodi for trusting me with a very important assignment. I hope that in some way my little doodle can help heal a hurting heart.


Speaking of Christmas!! It's just around the corner. If you're interested in me creating a special gift for a special person then drop me an e-mail. I think that you will find my prices amazingly reasonable. Apparently Jodi does. This is her third go around, after all.


Just DO IT!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

The final count down has begun. We're less than 10 days away from daughter #2 getting married. Earlier I posted a design for a large styrofoam cut out that I want to make to decorate the wedding reception area. My concern has been that I would arrive in Oklahoma, with only two days to put this thing together, I won't have enough time for any mistakes. So, then I decided to do a practice run here in Oregon. Instead of the names of the bride and groom, I wanted to create something that my church could use at Christmas. "Gloria In Excelsis Deo!" seemed like a good idea. It will be hung from the ceiling of the church's foyer over the two doors that lead to the sanctuary. 

I don't remember how much time I put into making this piece, but I know that I won't have anytime to relax. I learned a lot and I will be able to avoid a lot of mistakes that I made on this one. I used a "hot-knife" to cut through the 1.5 inch styrofoam. The back and edges are painted black. The one for the wedding will be four times larger. Someone suggested that I use an electric knife. I picked one up and did a little cutting on an extra piece. It worked pretty good. Plus, there was no melted styrofoam smell floating up into my face. I'm going to take both to Oklahoma with me.  

I'm not entirely happy with my choice of color. It was supposed to look more gold-like. At this point it looks more school bus-like. I will probably add some glitter, but otherwise I'm fairly happy with it. 

What do you think?