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Monday, April 4, 2011

1st Thessalonians

Our middle daughter is working on her master's degree. We actually have two daughters working on their masters. We are very proud. One of Andrea's assignments was to come up with a creative way of presenting an outline for one of the books of the Bible. She chose 1st Thessalonians. We talked about it and this was what we came up with. I was happy to draw it out for her. You should go from the bottom to the top when reading her three points about the book. It was a fun assignment.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I am sorry to have been ignoring you so much lately. It seems that every time I think about posting something on you I have very little time. Over the past four years you have given to me a great deal of fun and joy. I have been introduced to some interesting people by you, and you have also provided a good deal of income to me. You've not made me rich, by any means, but there has been a bit of coinage come my way because of your vigilance on the internet. Thank you.

I wish now to offer this bit of doodlery as a peace offering and apology for my absence. I know that it's not much but it's something simple that I can quickly post on your pages. It really is nonsense, I know, but it is something that I've enjoyed scribbling down on paper over the last few weeks. I do have a number of other pieces that I have been intending to post here. You will just have to be understanding and know that you are not forgotten—at least not completely forgotten. It really is my intent to get back to posting my organized doodles on you more often.

Can you ever forgive me?


Friday, February 18, 2011

Love's Protection

I've been ignoring this blog. The last time I tried to post something it said that I was out of free memory space and directed me to where I could purchase more. That threw me off and I never came back to address the issue. In the mean time I got an e-mail from someone threaten to sue me over a drawing I did for a gentle's sewage cleaning company because he had a copyright on the name: "Sewer Hog"; remember that one? So, instead of facing litigation over a crappy drawing (pun intended), I deleted the three post related to it. Hopefully that has freed up a bit of space. I will find out as soon as I try to post this particular doodle.

I have a goal of creating enough of these "devotional doodles" to submit a book for publication. Maybe I shouldn't be posting these to the web, as people are want to just take your work, but I enjoy sharing.  I want to have a total of 52 done by the year's end. I have 25 so far. Here's one that I drew just this week.

What's consuming you this week? Giving it to the Lord. Copy & Share If You Dare

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Two Shall Become One

I have been ignore this blog too long. I have a back log of things that I've been meaning to post here, but I think that I've been giving so much attention to my weight lost challenge I haven't really had any desire to put something together. Today, I officially end my 6 month quest. I will be posting the final tally and a few interesting photos on Monday. So, stay "tooned."

In the mean time, I had a photography session with my youngest, Marla, and her fiancĂ©, Chris, last Saturday. It was a perfect January day on the Oregon Coast. We took over 500 photos. Here are some of the better ones (I thought) I took that day. The wedding is in June—our last one to flee the nest. I'm not ready for this...

We did a lot of laughing that day.

 Marla didn't particularly like this one. I thought it turned out well.

We're under the bridge over the Chetco River. We found a lot of interesting spots for photos down there. That's Hwy 101 running overhead. 

 I was laying on my back on the ground to get this shot.

 One of my favorite from that day.

 Mill Beach, for you locals.

We had a lot of fun with these. 

Chris signs the papers on what will be their new home in a few days—quite an accomplishment for a young man. Here they are standing on their future front porch. 

 An old building just across the California state line.

Poor Chris. He endures a lot of teasing from his future wife. It comes from the way she was raised.

 We had to make the quick trip down into California to get some photos in the Redwoods.

Driving back we saw this herd of Elk and had to stop for a photo. I just told them to walk backwards towards the fence so that they wouldn't scare them off. It worked and we got the shot.

You're all invited to the wedding. We'll give you an Oregon Welcome when you come.

There will most certain be more wedding updates in the days ahead. So, again, stay "tooned" for more.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The Gospel of John has it's own version of the Christmas story. Though less of a narrative, it is very powerful, nonetheless. Here is an illustration of one of the verses from John's words.
His birth is celebrated around the world, yet many do not recognize Him still. 
Merry Christmas!
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Giant Jim

Jim is the youth pastor at our church, and a good friend. One evening I stepped in for him at the youth group while he was out of town. At one point he seem a bit concerned whether or not I would be able to handle teens. I told him, "Don't worry. I'm going to knock it out of the park." Since then that has been an inside joke between us: "Are you going to knock it out of the park?," we'll asked each other.

That's Jim and his wife Jolene to the left. They're expecting their 2nd child in August. I think "Richard" is one of the names that's being considered—at least it should be considered, don't you think?

Jim is a San Francisco Giants fan. You can imagine that he was in hog heaven when they won the Series.

For Christmas I wanted to give him something special, and so I created this caricature of him. I presented it to him at a little party we had at our house. It's always fun to have the chance to see one of my subject's reaction when they open one of my doodles. Jim like what I had created. He seemed most impressed that I got his hair right on. Half of the party was spent hunting for Eggy. He found him, but it took a while.
Nice sweater Jim.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another One For You Wedding Gluttons Out There

I know that some of you can't get enough of this wedding stuff. We're finally getting a chance to see the professional photos after my daughter started posting them on Facebook. Out of the hundreds that she posted there I picked out 25 more to share with you on this blog.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Mosshart

The girls seemed to have a lot of fun getting ready—must be a female thing. 

Mother of the bride looks on with pride. 

My first chance to see Andrea. Everyone knows that the fountain is about to start. 

The ladies seem to like this shot—so I figured that I would go ahead and post it.

 Evan's first chance to see his bride—the lucky guy.

 All of my beautiful girls.

The bride and her party. Three of them belong to me, at least they use to. 

 The groom and his party.

The Mrs. and I done pretty good, don't ya think? 

That's my entire clan, including the son-in-law to be on the right end. 

She's looking at me knowing the tears are about to start again anytime—and they did. 

 The ceremony


I like this shot.

The ceremony is over and the happy couple make their exit. 

 Those are the smile of relief.

 "Bustling" the dress. Quite an operation—so I am told.

 A bit of wedding humor—check out the faces.

Of course, you know I like this shot.

 Making their final exit.

 She looks happy.

A wave goodbye and the girl is gone.

The next one gets hitched in June. The planning has begun.