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Friday, August 21, 2009

Elk in the Reeds

Sorry, but my mind has been on so many other things lately that I've given myself very little time for doodling. We're getting ready to take our youngest to college in a week. That's been on my mind a lot. Maybe there will be some "empty nest" illustrations in the making very soon. Sometime after that my wife and I are going to take an extended vacation. I plan to get some serious work done on the book I want to illustrate while we are traveling.

In the mean time, I offer this recent shot of an elk I took near Reedsport, OR. There is a viewing spot there on the highway going east out of town where a herd of them hang out. That day they we especially close the the road side. Copy & Share If You Dare.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Medical Intervention

There's been a series of computer issues that I'm still working through. Last night my youngest daughter's, computer gifted, boyfriend helped me sort out some of my problems last night. (Thank you Chris.) His help allowed me to post this doodle this morning.

This is something that I whipped up while I was helping out at another children's camp in early August. I used a set of permanent markers to color it.

Many of the kids there couldn't believe I was able to draw something like this. Several said it looked like something that came out of a computer. I guess, from a child's perspective, that's a complement. Someone needs to explain to them that even the stuff that comes out of a computer started in someone's brain.

Would you like to purchase this bit of artwork for your friend, relative, enemy in the medical profession? It's an 11x14 piece - pen and marker - $35, plus $3 S&H. Contact me at the e-mail address given in the side bar.