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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Friendly Little Game

My middle daughter, Andrea, is a senior at my wife's and my alma-mater. She is a member of the student executive council. She is, what you might call, the student chaplain on the campus. She has a more official title, but you get the idea. ( Check out my November 14, 2007 post for further information about her).

One of her duties is to provide a t-shirt for the members of her council. When it comes to needing any illustration I am her "go to guy." So, while she was home for Christmas we came up with the idea of taking noted Christian figures and depicting them together having a friendly game of poker. This is what I came up with. See if you can figure out who is who. (Click on the image for a larger view.)

In the mean time, and in a further effort to embarrass my daughter, I wanted to share a story about her that I posted on Kelly Jean's blog (See the bottom of my Feb. 8th post) for an interesting little contest that she held. (Kelly used a bird, of all things, to pick the winner of her contest. I didn't win and I'm calling for a re-beak!!) Some of you have read this story there already, so I've included this photo of Andrea from the approximate age of when the "event" occurred - for your entertainment pleasure.

A Brief Moment On an Arizona Freeway

Some years ago, when our children were little we were making our way on an Inter-state through down town Phoenix, when my wife and I heard the familiar cry of, "I need to go to the bathroom!," coming from our middle daughter, then probably four - now 21. (She's going to hate me for telling this.)

ALL the girls in our family were given a pea size bladder (from their mother) and I've been trained learned to be as agreeable as I can be when it comes to their bathroom issues on our trips.

BUT, there was NO bathroom in sight. Not a tree, not a bush anywhere - nothing but flat concrete and asphalt.

She was DESPERATE!!!

The ONLY place I could find to pull over was the triangle of pavement between the lanes of the Inter-state and a large entrance ramp. My wife said, "What are you doing?" I said, "I'll just hold her up (as I have many times before) and let her go pee.

So, I stop our mini-van, ran over to the side door, cradled my daughter like a swing between my legs and told her to GO!!!

THEN she said, "I've got to poop!" "What?" "I've got to poop Daddy!"

What was I going to do? She's there, she's loaded and she's ready, and boy was she ready. I told her to hurry up and go!!

I'm telling you that child must have evacuated her entire intestinal system with one push! I couldn't believe (and I'll spare you the details) the THING that came out of my child.

The girl looked like she had one loooong brown tail hanging from her backside. (Oops - sorry, I gave some details) The people passing by must have said, "What's that guy doing with that monkey dangling between his legs?"

That's all it took. One push and she was DONE! I threw her back in the van, turned and ran to my seat, and drove off - leaving the evidence of our moment on an Arizona freeway behind us.

A few years later we drove by that very same spot and saw a very healthy tree growing out of the asphalt. Who would have thought? There's a silver lining to every poo story.

That's just one of the family tales (pun intended) that gets retold by us when we start talking about the good-o-days.

The End (another pun that is intended)


Brenda said...

I think Mr. Rodgers? James Dobson? And I think that was such a nice way to help the environment.

roseys madhouse said...

raflmao I had tears in my eyes. I think the reason I find it so funny is that my girls share the pea sized bladder and I dread the day that I too could be cradling a monkey in my arms lol. Your poor daughter though having the whole world now know her tale( he he.)

Flea said...

Easy peasy. Billy Graham, Fred Rogers, James Dobson, Mother Teresa and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Nice illustration!

Julie said...

Flea - you forgot King Friday!!!

Great illustration, I cracked up when I read that.

I, too, shared a "poo story" and thought for sure that either you or I would win the drawing (because our stories were the most funny, hence would get the most entries). Stupid bird. LOL

Lynn Green said...

yeah, its Graham, Rogers, Dobson, M. Teresa, Dr. King, and then the little guy that makes the Whoppers (although I can't figure out how he does it with those truncated arms!)

I will try to refrain myself from bringing up you "fertile tale" next time I see Andrea.

Your Bro,

Chelf said...

I like the silver lining the best. She fertilized a TREE. Did you tell her that was HER tree? How funny.

I have stories of the road from my youth as well. Nothing quite so dramatic from the side of the road, however.

Thanks for stopping by my spot. Come by anytime.

Carmelatte said...

Oh my gosh, the visual! rofl Great story! Thanks for sharing!

Colleen said...

Oh my GOD. So funny. Thanks for the laugh!!!

VanDerHoekArt said...

Hysterical! One of those moments that at the time isn't funny at all but later once you've put some miles between you and the "scene of the crime" is worth telling over and over!

BoufMom9 said...

LOL! Great story! Definately glad you didn't do a drawing of that. haha
Love the drawing for the tshirts!

Black Sheep Dancing said...

haha. Good story. My dad has told stories about me, but he's a pastor and uses them in his sermons. When I was 14 I could have died. Now it's not so bad.

Anonymous said...

That created such a visual Impression. Thanks Rick!

BTW got a lovley frame today, will send you a pic when I put it al together.


Helen Hancock said...

Hahahaha - too funny. Only laughing so hard because the same near thing almost happened to me yesterday. Thanks so much for dropping in and commenting. Much appreciated. You are so talented and have a fantastic blog....I have very much enjoyed my time here. Have a great day. Best wishes from Australia ~ Helen

Jen said...

LOL! My office mates now are 100% sure that I'm nuts!
Thanks for sharing.

Whitney said...

Just stopping by and had to comment. Your story made me laugh so hard I cried! As a mother of three tots, I can totally relate to this story. We actually travel with a portable kid potty (one that you potty train on) in the back of our van just for those emergencies.

Randy, Tonya, Jayden, Marisol & Flynn said...

although I'm just a little grossed out by this story, I can't help but giggle at the images running through my mind.

Donetta said...

I wondered where that tree came from...;)