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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Running Doodle

Just another doodle that came out of the afore mentioned "serious" meeting.

I was trying to be creative. Eggy has made an appearance in this doodle. Sorry, if you looked for him in the last one. I left him out.

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Anonymous said...

Does your mind never stop thinking in this mode? I think you have a secret life just waiting to get out and be lived, hehe.

Rick said...

To Ginger: No, the old brain pretty much stays in the old doodle gutter.

Brenda said...

GREAT doodle! And thanks for the link. I ended up getting lost in art blog land. There is a whole world of creative people out there. Wish I was one!

utmomof5 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You are soo talented (I am sure you have never heard that before) I can barely draw stick people. =)


roseys madhouse said...

Ok I have to ask who or what is the egg man???? I have looked for him and connot see him? Maybe if I knew what I was looking for???
I love the doodle by the way I must admit my doodles are normally flowers or just scribbles lol

peach said...

waves hands frantically in the air... lemmie tell who the eggman is PLEASEEEEEEE teacher pleaseeeeee!
the eggman is an egg with arms and legs he is in almost every picture Rick draws and he is SOOOOOO much fun to look for to see what he is doing in some he is waving some, (imagination here) he is hiding, others laughing, in my sons hes DIVING LOL I love looking for mr eggman because it gives me the chance to check out each and every little detail of the drawing rick has done and it makes them so much more alive to me... drawing of people are so HARD (i think to truly capture the human spirit) and Rick has an amazing talent for it!
thanks again Rick for sharing your talent with us all!
Hugs Laura ~peach~

Flea said...

He's doing the schmuck run! What fun!

Shellie said...

What a gift! I left you a gift on my blog to pay you back for it.