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Friday, May 4, 2007


The power of the inter-net. This is a photo and the drawing I did of my friend, Eti. We've never met face to face. She lives in Florida, but our mutual interest in Webshots got us connected.

Eti commissioned me to create this drawing of her, and later one of her husband, Phil. I am proud of the way it turned out. Eti gave me a challenge; wanting a drawing of her with ALL her cats and dog, taking a picture with her particular camera, of this particular kind of flower. (Could you have been a little more specific Eti?) I think Eti will tell you that she liked the way it turned out - at least that's what she told me. What do you think?

There are a few unique details that the casual observer will not catch. So, look closely. (Click on the illustration to zoon in.)

You need to check out Eti's web-sight. She's a fantastic photographer. Go to www.etiswinford.com and enjoy.


Eti said...

Even over the many miles between artist and subject, Rick was able to capture the spirit I was looking for. Myself, my animals and my photographic passion. I wondered how he was going to be able to do that as we have never met or even heard each others voices.

Yes I gave him some specifics! ;-) He created the portrait quickly and in high quality. I love it! I also love the one he created of my husband Phil. I am a fan of Rick's art and own a couple other pieces as well.

His ability to create and put life into his art is remarkable. There is a message in his cartoons that is genius. Cartoonists must tell their story in a single frame (or a couple). They have the second challenge of making it something we can all get a smile from no matter the seriousness of the subject matter.

Anonymous said...

stick man in grass, three crosses in flower. ~ marty m.

Rick said...

The "stick man" is the egg man. He generally makes an apprearance in each of my drawings. The crosses in the flowers - wish I had thought of it - but it was unintentionally - I must admit. Thanks for looking Prof. Marty.