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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Organized Doodle Fini!

I finished this doodle up a few days ago. Basically I just doodled around in the empty space, or as we artist call it, the "negative space", in an attempt to fill the page. If you're so inclined you can scroll back two post ago and compare the differences.

Every time I look at this piece I will think "Olympics" because this is what I was doing while my wife and I watched the games.

My New Zealand, blogging friend Chris liked the doodle so much that she purchased it from me. That was a surprise and a blessing. (Thank you very much Chris.) So, pretty soon this doodle will be off to it's new overseas home.

Maybe you'd like to know why I call this blog "Organized Doodles."

(If not, then we're pretty much done here and you can moving along to the next blog.)

I named it that because that's what I've called my drawings for a long time. When people have been so kind as to compliment my work, my reply has often been, "Thank you. They're just organized doodles."

It is my contention that most graphic illustrations are just a collection of familiar shapes that everybody uses almost every day of their lives. And all that anyone needs to learn how to is to organize their doodles in a way that makes them look like a familiar object.

I do cartooning demonstrations for school classrooms very often. I try to teach the children how to take a cartoon and brake it down in their mind so that they see letters and number, and punctuation marks, and then use those familiar shapes to draw something - organized doodles.

For example, all that a normal heart shape is, is a couple of "U's" and a "V" holding hands. You can draw that!

The next time you're sitting in a meeting, bored, try looking at an object, or an illustration and try to see it as a collection of familiar shapes and then put it on paper. The proportions might not quite match, but the object will becomes familiar as you put it on paper. Then you're well on your way to becoming a world famous artist like... well... not like me, but like somebody that is world famous.

Hey, remember, especially when it comes to cartooning: It ain't brain surgery. Enjoy the moment and try to learn to express yourself in art.

No need to thank me now. Just remember me when you sell that first piece for a million.

P.S. I past 20,000 hits on this blog - counting from mid-January last. Thank you all for giving this doodler the ego strokes that he so desperately needs and craves.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

you make me grin and weather you believe it or not some of US simply CAN NOT draw a v and two U's and make em look right no matter how many years we try LOL...
so no worries my friend we will keep you in business :)
the good peach :)

Rick said...

To Peach: Oh ye of little faith!

Cynthia said...

All little kids can draw then they grow up and many of them think they can't anymore. It's great that you keep the "can do" spirit alive in others.
I enjoy peeking in on your work.

Erika said...

great blog and great doodles! my doodles tend to be more random :-)

you should stop buy my blog and check them out... just search Doodle in the top :-)

Again, great blog - I found you through a comment you left on Angie's blog... and I'll be stopping by again!

Chris H said...

It is beautiful Rick, thank you so much for letting me have it. I will call it "Olympics" in honour of your thoughts while doing it. I especially love how you did EGGY in this doodle, and of course the 'personal' touch you gave it in recognition of my love of all things nautical (the fish)... once again Thank You. $ on way......

Betty Flocken said...

You have a talent at "doodles". A gift. I'd just say, to myself what I use to tell my kids.. "My gifts may lie in other areas"! Not art.. I have a great appreciation for art though..

Brenda said...

Beautiful!!! It is fun to zoom in and look at all the little parts.

JustinB said...

You have a super talent!

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Rick. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog. I really like your doodle, but my drawing skills are atrocious (so are my spelling skills! lol) My son, however is very good at drawing, even on the computer!

BittersweetPunkin said...

That's a beautiful Doodle..I can see if framed and matted somewhere...

I love to draw..I always have..

Nancy said...

This doodle is really unique!!! Love the colors, too!!! I may give it a try but I can promise you, NO one will get to see it!!! LOL I find it so neat that someone can actually draw things like this! I had caricatures made of my kids at Disney years ago and also silhouettes.....I just stood there in awe!!!! Some people can do it....and some people can't. But thanks for the encouragement! Would be fun to try and just let the mind go and draw something, though!

Again, thnaks for dropping by my blog. I love my family and wanted to do tributes to my immediate family members, especially the ones who have passed on. My niece is printing those posts off for her 3 youngsters to have some day. At least, they will have pictures of their ancestors and know a little about their roots.
I do so much appreciate your kind words!

I will be return! I am adding you to my blogroll!!! I'll mention your blog and send others your way for a look at your art!!!

Kristi said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog! I've posted a few things since the Mother's Day one if you're bored.
And I have to say you've got some really cool doodles! Wish I had that talent..but stick people are about as far as I go, LOL!

Kit said...

You're right about "organized doodles". People don't realize the artistic potential they carry inside, and what FUN it can be to let it out!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Maybe I can get back to posting regularly now! LOL.