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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


My middle daughter is spending most of the summer in Aruba working with a church on that island. She told me that there are iguanas living on the island that the natives will occasionally turn into soup. One of the ladies in the church has offered her some iguana soup. Though my daughter has eaten a number of strange things on this trip, so far, she has not partaken of lizard soup.

There is one young man that is an aspiring artist that she has met. I sent her a letter and included this drawing of an iguana for his viewing pleasure. The caption is self explanatory. I am looking forward to hearing the young man's response, but during our few phone calls my daughter hasn't mentioned it yet. I am taking a chance posting this on my blog, because I wanted to surprise her. But, I figure that enough time has elapsed to where it should be safe to post it -- then again, maybe the Arubain mail moves as quickly as the U.S. government's.

What do you think?


Richard said...

Hi to the artist who drew this lizard, how much would you charge to draw this same lizard but in different poses (standing, sitting etc...). If you can and would be interested please get back to me. Thank you.
Richard yrich10@gmail.com

Richard said...

Hey Rick Green. I should have mentioned this is for Ricky Monugian he owns the image. Email me directly please. Thank you

Rick said...

I sent a couple of e-mails. I hope you got them.