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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sterling in Harms Way

This is a drawing I did of my good friend Sterling. It was a birthday gift. Among other things, Sterling is into motorcycles and kayaks. I thought that drawing him in a kayak would be something that I hadn't done before. I decided to put him in harms way by introducing a giant octopus, a waterfall, and sharp pointy rocks below. Most people don't catch the pointy rocks - should have made them more obvious. Did you see them?


Joe said...

I saw the rocks but at first I thought they were trees...and the octopus was a good idea! I really like how the tenatcles are closing around your friend. By the way I am going to set up a thing on my blog including your post recent picture on your blog, I was just wondering if you were ok with that? The pictures are great Rick and I still think the tree holding the wood cutter is my favorite. Keep up the good work!


snowdens said...

Wow, now I've been immortalized on the Net. I since sold my yak to get dirt bike gear, but in introspect Rick, that's pretty much me. Good for gung-ho fun & rather naive to the dangers. Life's a lot more enjoyable that way. And besides, when you start off your family by having twins at 24 years old, you sort of have to be that way. I'm really fond of this doodle!


Anonymous said...

I could not find the stick person even after several minutes! Had to give up and go do work! ~ marty michelson

ashley nicole said...

that's a pretty cool looking drawing.

Have a great day!!