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Thursday, March 6, 2008

How High Will Gas Prices Go?

I drew this little doodle not long ago for the
local paper. It seems appropriate to publish it again now.

How high do YOU think that gas prices will go?

P.S. Feel free to share this one with friends and family. Yes, I admit that this is a ploy to get other people to visit my blog. But what could it hurt?


peach said...

trying to comment... keep getting error message...
said sad but probably true... I got a call from a friend who works for a major trucking company, he said they were told to fill trucks tonight as gas is expected to go up 15 to 20 cents tonight. Also invited you to come to my blog I have a contest happening ... and bring any and all blogging friend who would like to play too! MONEY PRIZE~ :-)

Joseph Lee said...

Funny panel Rick! And thanks for visiting my site and appreciate the kind words!

Anonymous said...

Grr. I also got an error!

Welcome to our world! Costs me £37 about $70 to fill up my small Citroen C3 every week.

Best start looking to buy those cute dinky economy cars guys....!

They are much easier to park too!

Sandra in ABQ* said...

$100 bucks to start a campfire...yup..sounds about right! LOL Good one, Rick! I do plan on sharing this one since you've so graciously given permission.

Jill said...

Love the drawing!
I remember back when I got my first car, and gas was .72 cents a gallon. (I also need to add that I'm really not that old)
A few days ago, I filled up the tank of our SUV. Up until then, we were wondering what we would use our tax refund for.

Brenda said...

Hmmm. Cute and yet sad. I bought gas in Nebraska for $3.04 the other day. How much is everyone else paying? Adding your web address to the picture was a brilliant idea. I think I have an idea for working into my blog.

Mary said...

Like always.... love your blog, especially when you post your artwork!

Yup, sold my van to some television producers from the ABC network. It aired and I saw my van. Wonder what tv show she'll be starring in next.

The luggage rack on top in the pic... well, that turned out to be a doozy. It flew open twice on our roadtrip and stuff went flinging and flying all over the highway.

We had to pull over and bend it back in shape, collect our belongings and duct tape it back together. I got picked up by the highway patrol because I was walking on the highway carrying a sleeping bag and whatever else (I was collecting) cuz the cop thought I was a hitchhiker or something.

We won't be doing the plastic cargo thing again. Next time we'll just squish it in the trunk! Hope you don't have any trouble with yours. Take duct tape!

roseys madhouse said...

We pay $1.43 per litre here in NSW Australia,
WE bought a mitsubishi |Delica and it cost me $82.00 to fill it the other day? Not happy

Chris H said...

I'm not sure what the price of petrol is over there, but here in New Zealand it is $1.74 a litre and going up by another 10cents a litre soon! So to fill my car costs me about $85 at the moment.. DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!

Albert said...

Hey Rick,

Nice to see you're keeping busy! Lots of fun stuff as usual!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Isn't this the truth!!! I'm so sick of spending 40 bucks for 1/2 a tank!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

It costs us about £1.25 per LITRE here in the UK. We are paying about £75 ($150) to fill up our mid-sized (by UK standards car). On average, I think it would cost us about 2ce as much to fill up one of your big gas guzzling American cars!

Car manufacturers here are actually designing cars with features like auto engine cut-out if you have to sit in traffic in idle for more than 2 seconds to save on fuel costs!

We also have to pay something called 'road tax' just to be allowed to use the public highways here in the UK. We get taxed more on cars that consume more fuel and have higher emmissions. So a tiny modern VW mini's with features like the one I just mentioned will cost a road tax of £35 per year as opposed to costs of over £200 per year on many larger less efficient cars!

On top of this we have to Pay for an MOT every year (to ensure that your car is safe and road worthy, and meets the gas emissions restrictions set by the government). This is on top of the cost of servicing your car. I think that an MOT is typically around £40 per year.

We have reduced ourselves to a one car household, because it is just too expensive to run a car here if you can possibly get away with it.

It costs us in the region of £200 to run our car every month including insurance, servicing, fuel and various taxes. That's roughly $400!!!! That's only a pretty average sized modern car with reasonable emissions and low servicing expenses!

Thank your lucky stars if you think your US prices are high! LOL

Rick said...

To Partner of a Pilot: Congratulations on being the longest response I've yet to received on this blog. Your point is well taken, but we Americans still hate to pay more.

I live on the Pacifice Coast. I say drill the coast and drill Alaska!