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Friday, December 19, 2008

Fox 3, Oh Yeah!

Here is another Christmas doodle that is headed for the U.K.

This is May's husband. He's an Apache Helicopter pilot for the British military. I can't show you his photo—apparently military authorities aren't "down" with that. But they are "up" with me sharing his caricature.

You're just going to have to trust me on this one—it looks just like him. Oh man! I mean, the similarities are amazing. Did I ever nail this one! Whew!! What a job I did with this caricature!!!

(Are you buying into any of this?)

May wrote that her husband... "is being deployed to Afghanistan just after Christmas and I have been racking my brain over presents to give him. I think he would absolutely LOVE one of your doodles. I can frame it and give it to him to keep in his 'army room'....a basically empty room in the house where he is allowed his military pictures!"

"The scenario I had thought of was him in an Apache flying over Anfield (Liverpool FC Football ground)....them playing in Red vs Everton in blue. While Liverpool score he says 'Fox 3 Oh Yeah'! It is an ongoing joke we have so it would be awesome if you could do this?!"

I don't know if "Fox 3" is military code for "We're kicking your butt," but I was honored to try and put this doodle together for someone going into the battle against terror. Wow! One of my doodles hanging in Afghanistan. That's kind of cool! (Or in this case "hot!")

May's request presented the challenge to doodle two things that I don't enjoy drawing (as some of you may remember)... a mechanical item of some sort (the helicopter), and yet another stadium full of people. The aerial view also presented the challenge of drawing an on going soccer (Oh! Sorry you Brit.s) football game. I tried to simplify those aspects of the illustration just so they wouldn't get in the way of what the drawing was suppose to represent. I'm pleased with the results. What do you think?

Thanks May. Please tell your husband that we're all grateful. I'm hoping that the angels of postal delivery will help get the doodle there on time. It would be great if the original piece could be there so that you wouldn't have to give him an e-mailed copy to take with him.

On a side note... It snowed in our little town last Monday. While that has happened a few times in the seven years that I've lived here, it is still very unusual. So, like a good blogger, I broke out the camera for a few pics.

The big blur in the middle is me

Our home.
The window on the left is where I doodle.
Those trees are two of my four Redwoods.
(Just bragging - again)

Our ferns didn't know what hit them.
The snow was gone before the day was over.

Remember my second annual, great big, humongous giveaway is coming the first of January. On the 4th I will be celebrating two years of pouring my life out to you in the blogging universe. I will be giving away some copies of some of my doodles, plus the grand prize of a free caricature given to some unfortunate individual. I'm also revealing my "egglious" project come January.

Stay tooned!!!


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I think you did a 'fab' job on this doodle. You even gave me quite a challenge to find little 'eggy'. I so enjoy that you go all out with your drawings; they keep getting better and better with each one. Thanks for always sharing them with us. Dude, you rock! xxoo

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wonderful drawing but I have to say unless our eggmister is a shadow of his former self I have not found him YET.will continue to look as it is simply something I must do ... plus makes me totally enjoy each detail of the drawing!

OHHHH I am sooooo eggcited to see what comes from your pencils on this next one... I have not even told the kids yet ... this is MY ONE special surprise!

Reddirt Woman said...

I think you did an outstanding job on this stadium. I did not realize that you didn't like to do mechanical things because you do the so well. I guess your challenge is to do them until you are comfortable with them, and that is why you're getting several requests for them. Keep up the good work.


Aleta said...

Rick, I can't wait to have a doodle by you! You do wonderful work. And Redwoods? Really - I'd brag too if I had those beautiful trees on my property!

Anonymous said...

Yes it's another great doodle, but could I suggest you do a little more research into English FOOTBALL because everyone knows that all scousers (people from Liverpool) have black curly hair and moustaches and I can't see a single one in that crowd.

(You have to be a brit to appreciate that old chestnut!)

Chris H said...

Snow.... very pretty, very cold... think I won't visit just now! Brrrrr... too cold for me! Eggy is almost lost amongst all those spectators.. ALMOST, but not quite!

MaBunny said...

Love it , like I do 99 % of your drawings.
One of these days I will request one from you. Trying to think of the right time...

Anonymous said...

The snow looks so beautiful. I wish we'd have some in my neck of the woods. What a neat way to bring a smile to someone far from home. What a ministry you have with your talent. Imagine all the people who will smile when they see May's Husband's doodle.

Partner of a Pilot said...

AWESOME! May is going to LOVE this!!!! I love it. Rick, I am going to have to start billing you for referral commission! Lol!

May said...

Hi Rick,

I will be giving the doodle to my other half on Christmas Day. I cannot wait for him to see it. I have shown his colleagues who are all very impressed and find it such good fun! Thank you again for all your help!
I will let you know what he says!