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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Go Gators!!

Jennifer has a surprise for her son come Christmas. He's been drafted!

Jennifer and family are turning their son's room into a Florida Gator's temple of sorts. She wanted something to hang on those hallowed walls and so who ya gonna call?

Yup. Me!

She wrote, "My son is a MAJOR Florida Gators fan (as we all are) and for Christmas we are turning his room into a Florida Gators room. His hero is Tim Tebow, #15. I thought it might be fun to have a caricature drawn of him wearing jersey #15 running for a touchdown."

Football doodles are always a challenge for me. On the surface they don't seem too complicated, but there are always so many little details to try and figure out. Like the uniforms for example. The stripes, the numbers, the stuff. A doodler has to look at a lot of pictures on the web to be sure to get it right.

Also, stadiums are never fun. I'm still trying to figure out how to draw a stadium full of people so that it looks like a stadium full of people.

You will note the Heisman Trophy pose that Mr. Young Gator takes in the illustration. He's got the right stuff.

In addition, you Buckeye fans might also have noticed the fact that the player being blocked is one of yours. Apparently there is no love loss between the two. Can't we all just get along?

It's another late night. Another doodle almost done.

Thanks Jennifer. You MUST send photos. I want to see what a Gator room looks like.


Christy said...

That seriously looks EXACTLY like him... oh my.. how cool!! You rock. (I'm not a sport's fan.. at all, so I don't have any other comment, except great colors)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Awesome doodle and to me the stadium full of people looks JUST LIKE a stadium full of people... love the bodies on the side lines and waving back at one eggy ...

Us3JKJ said...

Oh my Rick, it looks even better blown up! I can't wait to get the real thing in hand ~ he is going to be so excited. It looks just like him in my opinion! And... great job hiding the "extra" eggy. At first I thought you forgot but then wah~lah... there he was! His hours of extra searching will pay off for once this time! Such a small detail that you paid attention too that really means a lot. The stadium looks phenomenal as does the rest of the drawing. Thanks again for doing this for me... more pics to come after Christmas!!

Candid Carrie said...

Oh My Gosh ... this is fantastic! I clicked on it so I could get a much more intimate look without trying to find my reading glasses.

The Buckeye reference is great, my friend Jess is one of those Buckeye peeps, she even carries a real Buckeye in her purse! I've got to send her the link for this post!

Aleta said...

Great job! (And at least the other guy wasn't a Saints player. hehe)

Reddirt Woman said...

Your stadium is just right. The focus is on "the star quarterback", which is as it should be.

Good job!

Anonymous said...

Love the pose!!! This is one of my favorites so far. Santa Doodler, don't work too hard.

JWilson said...

Well as Mrs. Stuckmann said she sent me the link to this just because we beat her Badgers.

Yes I am a huge Buckeye fan, yes I do carry a real Buckeye Nut in my purse for good luck.

As for the picture, I think the stadium looks great, the gator looks great but your Buckeye needs a lot of work. Our unifoprms and helmets don't look like that. :))

Honestly I can take a joke and you can pick on me but what you are doing is very nice and the picture looks wonderful.

Rick said...

To JWilson: I'm not Buckeye expert and I wouldn't debate someone that carries one around in her purse, but as best as I could tell that's what an "AWAY" uniform looks like.

Us3JKJ said...

To Jwilson: In Rick's defense, he was not picking on you! :o) We are from Florida originally and now live in Columbus, alas... my request that the drawing be reminiscent of our sweet 2006 victory! ;o) Whenever my son goes to all of his friend's houses ALL of their rooms are Buckeye rooms. I thought it would be a fun way to poke a little fun whenever they now come visit HIS gator room! LOL It's all in fun. :o) I keep looking at this drawing all day Rick and continually find new things that just amaze me. Right down to the tiny chin strap on the helmet laying on the field!

justabeachkat said...



Chris H said...

Well done on the doodle, it's lovely. And well done on foxing me ... .it took me ages to find eggy this time!

Chris H said...

upon my second search I found eggy #2 straight away.. phew! Glad that's over. You are getting better at it! *smiles*

Mrs4444 said...

It's awesome! Looks great. He's going to love it!