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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby Burrito Bro's B-Day

Heather needed a gift for her brother's, Cisco, 30th birthday. She wrote me and said, "Dear Rick, I'm a daily follower of your blog and laugh silently to myself at your Facebook posts. Anyways, I'm inquiring as to the price and time needed for a drawing? My 'kid' brother is turning 30 this year and needs something extra special. I know you're a VERY popular guy these days, and your artwork is in high demand."

(I just had to include that part about me being very popular. My tender ego thrives on comments like that.)

There were two things that caught my attention when Heather wrote about her brother to me. 1. He is a Mt. Bike rider that enjoys making his own trails down the mountains, and 2. He drove a burrito delivery truck.

( I would LOVE to have a burrito delivery truck cruising my neighborhood, so much better than an ice cream truck.)

So, I went to work on Heather's brother and this is what I came up with. I was a bit worried that Heather might not like having her brother depicted riding over a cliff, but unlike some previous customers of mine, Heather apparently has a sense of humor.

She was kind enough to send me this pics of the unveiling. The smile on Baby Brother's face says it all to me. (And doesn't he have a nice smile at that.)


Alice said...

looks great, rick! and he sure looks pleased :)

Hally said...

LOVED the post, and I can't believe you chose a pic of me on there too! :)
He's still laughing, so it's a gift that lingers and is enjoyed more each time he sees it.
ps...Adam's my son, Cisco is my brother!

MaBunny said...

Love it! very cute - I"m glad he was thrilled with it too!

Rick said...

To Halley (aka: Heather): Oops! I'll make the changes. Thanks.

Chris H said...

It must be lovely to see photos of the recipients of your pictures.. particularly when they smile like that!

KyonSOS said...

You look glad in picture.

Reddirt Woman said...

What a smile on Cisco's face. That is the fun thing about your doodles. Recipients smile every time the look at them or think about them and givers smile every time they look at the photos of their gifts being opened. And every time they visit your blog they think of the gift of your talent that was given.

You, sir, are priceless!


Thandi said...

Great!I love his reaction too!

Michelle said...

Very cool... although I do have to ask, who would buy a doodle from you and not have a sense of humour. What's the point? :)

Rick said...

To Michelle: Good question Michelle. You'd be surprised how many don't get "it."