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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Really Black Sheep

I've been at my second children's camp this summer for the past week. I love working with the kids but the four hour drive back from camp with a van full of junior boys just about did me in. I may be getting too old for this sort of thing.

I tried to post this doodle before I left but couldn't get it done. I am headed to a family reunion in Yellowstone Park tomorrow morning, so I am squeezing in the time to get this post up before I leave.

This doodle is for one John, who contacted me about creating this drawing for a group of men at his church. He wrote, "Hi Rick, My church (ufpc.org) has a loosely organized men's group called the Black Sheep Boys (in contrast to the women's group "the Buffalo Gals" that my wife says was co-opted from a song...). I'm wondering what you would charge for an appropriately tranquil (ha!) caricature for us?"

It turns out that he wasn't particularly looking for a caricature, but more of some kind of fun logo for their group. I think that perhaps John saw some of my other black sheep illustrations on this blog. He was happy with my creation. Next, maybe the Buffalo Gals will come a calling.

I'm looking forward to sharing the doodle I made while at camp, but it will have to wait.


MaBunny said...

Like the doodle. Hope you have fun at Yellowstone Park:))

Kila said...

Hope you are having a great time!

Brenda said...

Eeeeek!!!! Sounds like a lonnnnnnnnng trip.