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Friday, June 4, 2010

Let's Go Camping

My friend Scott is the pastor of a church in Coquille, Oregon. He wanted a doodle to advertise a family camp that they have coming up.  He wanted a van that was packed with people, packed with equipment, and ready to go camping.

Scott called me yesterday evening to ask how the doodling was coming. I had to confess that I had forgotten his request. So, I got to work on it right away and e-mailed this creation to him just this afternoon.  He said that it was "amazing."  (I like it when people say that about my art.)

Unfortunately, this seems to have become a pattern with me when dealing with Scott. Last January we had a lunch engagement at a little port town one hour away from the both of us. He showed up. I didn't. I got a call. We rescheduled. I felt so bad that I bought the lunch AND took some really nice photos of him for him to use.  (He looks so casual and happy.)

My apologies Scott. I guess I've got some kind of metal block when it come to dealing with you. Were you mean to me one time and I've somehow blocked it out of my mind? I want to lay the blame on you, if I can.


BlueRose said...

Our church is going on a family camp outing this next weekend as well! Have fun and I love your doodle to cute♥

Huge Hugs Kat

Reddirt Woman said...

I remember church camp trips... mostly good memories... mostly.

The art work is up to your usual high standards. I'd say more but don't want you getting the big head.

Dirty old okra growing gal...

scott-sarah said...

Several centuries ago, in a land far away (possibly some other planet), and in another life time, I offended you by having more hair than you. I am pulling my hair out to catch up to you (or because of you) in order to no longer be offensive. I can only hope to be as masterful as you are. We're going to have a great family camp and I'm sure part of that excitement will be because of your awesome artwork!

Nancy said...

I don't often comment but love your doodles. If I gave you a word picture would you be able to doodle a picture for me?? and do you charge? My husband and I nearly had a head on crash yesterday on our valkyrie and I just know a huge angels hand came between us and that slate gray pick up. It was a close call I will never forget.

Rick said...

To Nancy: Thank you for making a rare comment and for making it a nice comment too. I would be happy to draw something for you. I will leave my e-mail address on your blog.