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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Miss Fancy Pants

This is the second time that Cynthia requested a doodle from me. Back in the summer of 2008 she had me draw an illustration of her husband riding his antique tractor. That was a challenging caricature because of the unusual shape of the tractor. Apparently they liked the illustration enough to order a second one from me.

This time Cynthia wanted a drawing of their daughter, Melanie, for her 16th birthday. She wanted her dancing in her "fancy pants"—an unusual looking pair of shorts that I have the feeling are an original creation of mother or daughter. She also requested Melanie's dog, Lexi, to be in the illustration as well.

Cynthia gave me this report and photo...

Hi Rick, Melanie LOVED your picture. She opened it and said - "Wait . . . Mom . . . How did you do this? Where did you get this? How does anyone know about my fancy pants? . . . oh and Lexi is in it too !! I LOVE IT !!  THANK YOU !!" 

I knew we would all love it! Thanks again, Cynthia

You're welcome Cynthia. I'm so glad Melanie liked it. I really appreciate the photo. Those are always a joy to get to see. It was a fun doodle. I had a good time putting it together for you.

Check out Cynthia's blog, and Melanie's blog as well. You could wish her a happy belated birthday, and then ask her where she got those pants.


Patti said...

very fun! and nice to get the awesome feedback too, I'm sure.

Melanie said...

I, Melanie, have no knowledge of where in the world I got my fancy pants from. It was too long ago for me to remember. Most likely it could have been a yard sale or a local cheap clothing store.
I appreciate your doodlage so so much and it was one of the best presents I've ever gotten. Thanks again!!