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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Plowing Asphalt

When Cynthia wrote me and said that she wanted an illustration of her husband driving his tractor I imagined an idyllic rural scene with a farmer plowing his field - tending to his crop. But when I saw the photos she sent I realized we were talking about something entirely different.

Cynthia's husband is the proud owner of this antique piece of machinery, and the only field it ever sees is the one made of asphalt, running up and down the city of Phoenix, Arizona. She said he liked to take it to the hardware store, and uses it to pull floats in parades.

Look at that thing! What a challenge to try and illustrate! (This is not actually the one he owns, but a good photo of one almost entirely like his.)

Cynthia said that his tractor has a literal top speed of 8 miles an hour. She thought it would be fun to hop it up and make it look like it was zooming down a city street. So I took one of the photos she sent me, traced the complicated piece of metal work onto the paper, added tractor style racing tires, and put him at the helm. What do you think?

This was meant to be a Father's Day gift for today, and so I haven't gotten an update on his response to the drawing. I hope he liked it and I hope to have an update to share with you later.

In the meantime: Since it's Father Day, here are the young ladies that call me Father. Actually, they call me Daddy, or Dad. The oldest came up with the name "Chard" for me. It's a take on RiCHARD. I always tell them my name is Daddy to them, and that's what they should call me. But it hasn't seem to stop them. Now days, I think they can call me anything. Just call me.

This photo is from Christmas. I give them a gift just from me each year, and it normally has a sleep theme. That time I gave them silk PJ's. From left to right: Marla, Andrea, and Tarah (...getting married in October)

I love you girls. I'm proud to be your Father, or Chard, or whatever you may give me as a title.


Chris H said...

The tractor pic is neat. What a lovely Dad you are.... taking the time and love to get your girls a 'special, from Dad only' gift! That is so bloody sweet!

The 6-S Ranch said...

Aw, what a good dad! Happy Father's Day, Rick!

Coralyn said...

Happy Father's Day! Your love for your girls is apparent in your posting. You did a great job on the tractor picture. You do a great job on all your pictures. One day I'll commission you to do one of my children and me. :)

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

What a proud daddy you must be of those three beauties. I know they are blessed to have you for their dad and I hope they honor and celebrate you today.

Happy Father's Day, Rick!

Alexis said...

Hey Rick.

Nice illustrations! You have my suppport and readership.

I've come here from my comic-blog (ohno here comes the plug)http://frictionstaticcharged.blogspot.com/.

Mabunny said...

I like the tractor picture, very cute.

You have a very beautiul family Rick. Thanks for sharing the pic with us:))

Laura ~Peach~ said...

JUMP EGGY JUMP! Great pic love the souped up tractor ! Love the pic of the ladies you have beautiful daughters!
Happy Fathers Day to you!
Hugs laura

Jaime said...

Wow! I just read through a bunch of your posts and just wanted to tell you how awesome your pictures are! You are very talented! And you sound like a wonderful father, too.:)

Brenda said...

Beautiful girls.

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

I love that tractor! Your drawing is great, too. Caricatures are so fun!

PS: Happy belated father's day!

angie said...

Thanks for wandering through my site and taking the time to comment. As soon as I came here I knew you were the artist behind Tonya's blog header. You do amazing caricatures!

AlaneM said...

Very cool, I love how eggy is getting blown off his feet.

Happy father's day, your girls are georgious!

Cynthia said...

Just got back in town and have a minute to tell you that Dave LOVED your picture. I posted a picture of him with your picture on my blog. He LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! Definitely the favorite gift of the day. (I can't say that on my blog, because my kids gave him some gifts too, but between you and me . . . the tractor picture was the favorite gift. haha) Thanks again.
by the way, gorgeous daughters.