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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Clandestine Project

When I do these caricatures there's always a lot of clandestine activity involved. Generally, the one requesting the illustration is trying to surprise a friend or loved one. Surprising a husband or a wife is a bit more tricky since there's always the possibility that the spouse might be looking over the shoulder when an e-mail from me pops up on the screen. As far as I know, no secrets have been discovered when it comes to my drawings.

With Jodi, communication was even more difficult. Apparently she and her husband, Sam, share an e-mail addresses, or for whatever reason I had to be careful to e-mail her only during the day time, or when he was out of town. (This whole post is beginning to sound a bit salacious - you know what I mean?) Jodi ended up giving me her friend's e-mail address so I could to communicate through her without fear of discovery. I was happy to make the accommodations, because I like surprises as much as the next cartoonist.

There are a lot of details in this illustration, all of which are Jodi's ideas. Sam is a chaplain in the USAF. Thus the stole around his neck (Is that what they call it?) He loves to hike. He loves the Bible. He loves the Grand Tetons. He loves his Landrover, which bears the nickname "Lange" that one of their children gave it. And, les I forget... He LOVES the Auburn Tigers. Jodi said that he is a huge fan. (More about that on my next post.) Sam has a lot of different loves in his life, and bringing it all together into one illustration was an interesting challenge for me. This was a gift for his 40th birthday - thus the sign indicating that he's now over the hill.

Jodi, like the drawing very much. Her only request was that I add more hair. It's easy to add hair. Please don't ask me to erase it - not only can I not do it without starting over, but personally, it's a painful process for me.

Jodi wrote me and said, "Rick, THANK YOU!!!!! Sam absolutely LOVED the picture. It was one of the favorite parts of the night. He saw and noticed every single detail. His mom had a copy made at a bakery and it was also displayed on the cake in frosting. Has anyone ever eaten your artwork before?:)

I don't think anyone has ever eaten my atwork before, but a few have thrown-up over it. I guess that's not the same thing.

And then Jodi added. His parents loved it too, but the only thing his mom said she would change? "more hair." :)

Who is this guy? Big Foot?

Anyway, I'm glad you liked it Jodi, and Sam. Thanks for using me. Take care of that beautiful family of yours. And.... for goodness sakes, go get a hair cut Sam, before you start shedding all over my drawing.


Anonymous said...

More hair? I think he looks very nice as he is. I particularly love the photo of them under the archway, it is beautiful. Sorry to digress from your drawing there!

You are really churning them out now - but not losing anything in the quality, a true prof.

Coralyn said...

Great job, as always, Rick!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Cool drawing, how old is eggy? he should not need a walking stick yet should he???
I really do like it this ranks right up there with some of my all time favorites!
HUGs Laura

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me!

f b-i-l

possum said...

Wow!!! You're a good drawer!!

Jodi @ SNAPPED said...

Rick, your writing is as excellent as your drawings are. This post had us both laughing out loud! Thank you for a WONDERFUL drawing as this will be treasured for a long time and fought over by the kids one day in the future.
By the way, we are all addicted now to finding eggy in your artwork!