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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Super Mullet

I can hear you asking from here: "Why mullets?" I'm not sure that I can fully express my reasoning. I tried to address that on my May 18th post, but even I can't fully understand the muse that moves within me. I guess you could say I'm driven by a "Mullet Muse."

I will say that I think this particular piece is the pinnacle of my artistic expression concerning mullets. What do you think?

I don't know where my artistic whims will take me next. Perhaps a more momentous matters like, perhaps... belly button lint, or ingrown toe nails. I think these too are items which really haven't been fully expressed, or appreciated, artistically. I just might have to be the artist that champions that cause.

What do you think? What areas of doodle exploration should I venture into next? Maybe you could be my muse? So, amuse me, why don't you?

P.S. Feel free to copy and share.


Chris H said...

I found eggy.... and I suggest ZITS... lots of Zits... on the chin,on the nose,down the back.... big ones, little ones, lots of them... ready to erupt ones, erupting ones.. gross eh? LOL Well it would be DIFFERENT eh?

The 6-S Ranch said...

I'm trying to figure out who "Eggy" is???

AlaneM said...

Oh I don't know, maybe animals doing people things. Or more creepy tree faces.
I'm not very good at the creative idea thing.

Anonymous said...

How about shoes? I did a lot of circle journals a couple of years ago (scrapbooking mini books)and had to think of a theme. For some reason I decided on 'shoes'. Strange because I'm hardly an Emelda Marcos and as long as they are comfy I couldn't care less what they look like.

It turned out that everyone who took part said they realy enjoyed the challenge of scrapping shoes.

BTW thanks for the link to andrea's blog, just having a look around now - and I would have done number 8 too!

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh... I am your muse literally as that is my maiden name SHHHH don't tell... as for belly button lint I can't help you I don't have one any more LOL

Brenda said...

How about braces? Or maybe bald men? : )

Hood River Jim said...

There's always nose and ear hair (maybe a bit over the edge though).