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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mullet Mode

I'm in Oklahoma at the moment with my family. We got to see our middle daughter graduate from college yesterday. It's a very special time for us. This is the second of our three girls to get her diploma. The oldest one lives here as well. She and her fiancé are getting married in Oct, in Oregon.

Life is changing at a quick pace for all of us. We got to get to see a plot of land where the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. are having a house built.

Wow! My little girls have done and got themselves all growed up. The youngest has one more year of high school, and then it's off to college. Man, oh man! Is that ever going to tear me up.

As many of you know, whenever I travel I have to take pad in hand and get some doodling done. I'm going to have a bunch of stuff to share with you all when I get home and have time to scan some of my creations into my computer.

Here are some examples of doodles I made before we started on our trip.

I've been mulling over mullets lately.

Picasso had his Blue Period. I guess I've been in mullet mode of late.

I consider Mullets an artistic expression that has not yet been fully appreciated. It's not the first hairstyle to have it's own name, but how many cuts do you know that have their own catch-phrase: "All business up front, and a party in the back." Plus, it's close association with rednecks the southern gentleman puts this quaffs in a category all it's own.

You can look for more mullet making in the days ahead. I think these pieces could be egg-less, but the more detailed work, that I will be sharing, certainly is not.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

Congratulations graduate!
have a safe fun trip and cute mullet heads LOL!

Anonymous said...

Rick, I cannot believe how our lives seems to be headed in the same direction. Our oldest is married and in Texas as you know. Our second daughter just graduated a couple of weeks ago and will be married on two months and moving. The youngest just finished her first year of college. How can it be?

Congrats to your daughter on her accomplishments!

As for the hair thing...I'll stick with the old "A man who is bald in the front is a thinker. One who is bald in the back is a lover. The guy that is bald all over just thinks he's a lover" Hehe...sorry, just couldn't resist. I got this joke from my pastor so you can blame it on him.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Jenn loves Derek said...

WOW!! I just got my last one potty-trained and my oldest just turned 13. So we are just entering the teenage years. (EEK!)

Congrats to your girls.

A question on "The Mullets". Does everyone who has a mullet have acne?

Julie said...

At our house, we prefer to use the French pronunciation (mew-lay) when referring to mullets. I guess you could say we "church it up!" ha ha

Apparently, mullets are quite popular in Europe. WHAT THE HECK?!

Brenda said...

Congratulations on the graduate and the upcoming marriage. You do have a lot of changes. The mullets are fun.

TONYA said...

Great doodles, love them.

Congrats to the graduate and on the house building, wow, she is a busy one.

I have another big project for you, I'll email you in a couple of days once I've got pics together :)

BetteJo said...

Oh dear. My kids are 24 and 22 and yesterday they were 4 and 2. Weren't they?

And did you know Billy Ray Cyrus would grow his mullet back in a hot minute if his wife would let him? Thank God for small favors and smart women!

Anonymous said...

Wondered where you were Rick, was hoping you hadn't been carted off to hospital with exhaustion!

Congratulations on, well everything I guess!

Around here we don't have so many mullets now, menfolk in England are going for close shaves unfortunately. However, I do do know someone who was recently on 'Britains Got Talent' TV show with Simon Cowell who has a cracking blonde mullet. Think back to the 80's! He lives round here and is a party entertainer.

Looking forward to oodles of doodles.

Karen Deborah said...

Hair envy, pure and simple.
It is so cool to have a kid graduate1 You go right ahead and brag, do it up right!

Karen Deborah said...

Oh man can i tell you a dumb joke?

some things God made perfect, others He covered with hair.