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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tressa's E-Love

Tressa wanted a drawing illustrating her relationship with a certain navy man.

She wrote and said, "I sort of thought it would be neat to somehow capture an illustration of us 'dating via email' - showing me back home and him on his Navy ship. I have a vision of maybe me typing away grinning while he leans back in his chair reading the email with his hands behind his head... wearing his Navy uniform of course. Let me know what you think."

I thought, "Sounds like a fun idea."

Here is the lucky guy - goes by the handle of Josh. And below is the illustration I drew of them. Good looking couple ain't they?

Last Sunday, Mr. Josh Navy came home after spending some time off the coast of Africa. The drawing was a welcome home gift - haven't heard what he thought. I'll assume that they've had better things to do than to keep in touch with me.

Thanks Tressa for inviting me to illustrate your personal love story. I had fun creating it for you.

By the way, What DID he think?


Jennifer said...

Awww... this one is super sweet. I really like the color choices and how much they pop on the page. And I see Eggy got caught up on the exchange as well!

Bobbie said...

I love it - Our whole family does! (I am Tressa's sister) You did an awesome job.. love all the little details. This is the perfect gift! (and she has ME to thank for finding you! haha)

tressa ann said...

Josh & I LOVE it !! I love all the little details, I see something new on it everything I look @ it.
Thanks so much for doing this for me, its perfect!!

Thanks again so MUCH!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Love it! Thats just super sweet!
I am thinking on another work for my anniversary in June ... How backed up are you?

Holly said...

I think it turned out great!! All the little details are what makes it, especially the boat going towards the house on the earth (which you can't hardly see in this pic). Very creative! Congratulations on a job well done!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it too. Actually it's given me an idea for another one from you.

I will think it through - but you have plenty of time!

Brenda said...

That is a really sweet one. I bet they love it.

Chris H said...

Very cute Dude.

AlaneM said...

I think this is my fave of all your stuff I've seen. It strikes a special cord with me cos' my hubby & I met on the internet :)
Great work!!