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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Home Sweet Dome - Well, Maybe Not

Jennifer wanted an illustration of her family. It was to be a surprise for her husband, on their 10th anniversary. Two of the items she especially wanted me to include in their drawing was...

A. Bruce's Suzuki Boulevard, or C90T (big motorcycle to the uninformed.)


B. The Dome house they were building in Florida. She said, and I quote..."The dome definitely needs to be in the drawing… it is a major part of our lives and is one of the things that makes us, well, us."

So I went to work and drew the little fam. settling into their Florida paradise.

I e-mailed Jennifer her creation.

She wrote said, (And I'm not quoting her here, but I'm pretty close...) "Well, I don't know how to tell you this, but we're selling the dome." I guess what made them, them, no longer made them, them - then. (Did you follow that?) Jennifer paid me for that illustration, thank you very much, and then asked if I could put another one together. This time she asked me for a drawing just of Bruce, who enjoys taking his ride out on camping trips every now and then. It took me a bit before I could get back to doing a drawing for her, but I got in done - in time enough for their anniversary.

Here are some photos from the unveiling.

Thanks Jennifer for commissioning me to celebrate your anniversary. (I seem to be very popular with anniversaries.) Go buy that pink Harley and let's the three of us go for a ride.

By the way, if anyone is interested in a
dome abode, located somewhere in sunny Florida, I understand that Jennifer and Bruce are still looking for a buyer. It's brand new and unused.


Anonymous said...

My goodness, is that Sasquatch back behind the tree? I loved how Eggy was just kickin' back in this one! Both illustrations were great.
Sandra in ABQ*

Jennifer said...

Thanks Rick! I will be posting about this on my blog tomorrow.

And about Big Foot - I actually asked my husband why you put a gorilla in the woods. He laughed and corrected me. Silly woman!

roseys madhouse said...

Both those drawings are fabulous its a shame about the dome house though.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yep both are good love eggy in both but the kicked back is just tooo cute!
I did not get the reason for not wanting the dome but...i guess thats ok, there is a dome house in martinez that we have driven by for years and I have often wondered about it.
Hugs Laura
dang my anniversary is in 15 days I wish My slow head had thought of a drawing ... oh well there is always next year...

Jennifer said...

Deciding to sell the dome is a long story... let's just say it has something to do with paying the equivalent of 2 mortgages for the past year while we wait for our current house to sell! That would hurt anyone's pocketbook.

Coffee Bean said...

Very nice!!! You always do such a good job. It has got to be a lot of fun to know people are requesting your work for very special occasions!

TheHMC said...

Hey! I didn't even notice the "bigfoot"... will have to look again.

hmmm..if hubby's birthday wasn't so close, I'd totally have you do something up for him(he loves camping and fishing. And golf. And tennis. Gee. could we fit all of that in one illustration ;)?)

I really like your stuff!

Susan in SC said...

Love your artwork! Thanks for the post on my blog! Might just have to get you to draw my boys! Susan

AlaneM said...

I love eggy's position & the squatch peeking out from the tree!

craftydiane said...

Thank you Rick for visiting my blog. The I Spy quilt was a lot of fun to do! I may do another one some day. Love your illustrations! I will definitely be back to see what else you do!
Have a Blessed Day,