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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hog Wild Cycle Werks

Ron saw my Fat Hog illustration and contacted me about using it as a logo for a new motorcycle shop he and his wife, Kris, are opening in Nampa, ID. Unfortunately that particular piece was already purchased by a man in England for use on his web site. I've yet to see him put my Fat Hog drawing on his site, but a deal is a deal. So then Ron asked me to create a new illustration for him that they could use.

Here it is, and yes, every- thing is spelled as Ron request- ed it.

It turns out that Ron and I have a number of things in common. (One of which is our spelling talents.) I have been know to travel over to Nampa ever now and then, and so there's a good chance that I'll get to meet him and Kris someday. I look forward to seeing their shop, but more than that I'm looking forward to getting them over here to try out some of our Oregon coast, fanstic, twisting, turning, ocean viewing, roads here.

Talk about your wild hogs?


Brenda said...

Werks fer me. : ) It looks great.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see our drawing on this blog. Let me tell you we were really excited to have Rick draw our logo. We can't wait to see what others have to say about it. Rick is the best and he works hard to make the customer happy. We will get to Oregon soon!
Ron and Kris

Laura ~Peach~ said...

HANG ON TIGHT eggman! cool logo and love the misspelling its great!
to get to meet them in person will be great and be sure to take a camera LOL we want picture proof (no really your coast pictures are simply amazing!) Congratualtions Rick another WINNER!

Anonymous said...

He has such a wicked glint in his eye don't you think? I realy like this, very eye catching.

I see Eggy is impersonating a squashed bug!

Karen Deborah said...

great drawing! fun.

Mabunny said...

I like it:)) and as Brenda said it werks for me too:)
I'll keep tooning in! Take care

Mabunny said...

werks for me too!
Keep up the great work, and I saw eggy, so thank you Laura for getting me hooked on finding eggy! lol

Chris H said...

That's darn cool dude!