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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Hippie Wedding

Caroline contacted me about doing an illustration for her parent's 30th wedding anniversary. (She is in the middle of the trio.) Thirty years of marriage is something to celebrate! Don't you agree? I was honored to be asked to create something to help commemorate the happy event.

Caroline sent me several photos of the family, including photos of what she described as her parent's "hippie wedding."

I thought it would be fun to take all five of the family members and illustrate the parents in their original wedding attire, and the rest of the family in true Flower Power Fashion. She, apparently a free soul, jumped on the idea and set me loose. (I like it when that happens.)

Here's what I came up with.

The color is not quite right on this scan. The grass is much too yellow. It's a long story as to why it looks that way, but I tried to fix it, and only ended up turning everybody blue. Please just imagine grass that is green, and not drought yellow.

Caroline was kind enough to send me these photos from their celebration at the cabin. Aren't they a good looking couple? Also a photo of the illustration hanging on their cabin wall. (Which I understand was it's temporary home - read her blog for further details.)

Thank you Caroline for using me to help honor your parents on such a special day. Give them my regards.

The wife and I are just one year behind them, (29 years on June 9th) and our love/bond is still strong.


Chris H said...

Stew and I will be celebrating our 21st Wedding Anniversary in a week! Amazing how time flies, and yet I love him as much today as I did back then! I love how much thought you put into your pictures too!

Chris H said...

Oh and is that Eggy in the flowers then???

Jennifer said...

You've had lots of anniversary gifts recently! I really like the colors of the clothing and the detail on the boat. Man, you stick a bunch of stuff in these drawings! So much to look at.

Rick said...

To Chris h: I've been trying to make it a little more difficult for people to find the guy, but I can't seem to do that to "egg-sperts" like you.

PamYla said...

Hi Rick,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your work is fantastic! I love the caricatures, great work. I enjoyed reading your entries and I want to say a bigggg congratulations on your anniversary. Real love and commitment are icing on the cake!

*@m@nd@* said...

I just noticed a comment you left on my blog in Feb. Sorry....I just realized that I had 3 comments. You asked if anyone had told me how do to links from my blog? No, what are they for?

By the way...I've been looking at your blog...you have a gift! You're very talanted; but I'm sure you knew that.

Thanks for the comment.

Joshua James said...

Hi Rick,

Thanks a lot! I love your cancer zappin guy! hah.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

cute family Love the hippie theme... and eggy is trying to hide huh... I saw him :D
Congrats on your anniversary! june is a popular month... ours is in june too!
Hug sLaura

Brenda said...

Far out! : )

axel#13 said...

Hey thanks for stoping by my Blog! Very cool caricatures!

Karen Deborah said...

groovy. very cool, hip and all that jazz. Even cooler is that you love your wife and say so for the whole world to hear!!!!!

roseys madhouse said...

Another masterpiece. I love it. I had trouble finding eggy

Trinity said...

It's so great to see your work art was hung on the wall!!

btw I never find and see Eggy.. what kind of creature is it? *curious*

Rick said...

To Trinity: Eggy is a little guy that I started adding to most of my illustrations. In this particular drawing he is s a little harder to find, so not the best example. But the egg-man is basically a tiny circle with arms and legs. In this illustration you can only see the upper half of him, and yes, he's in the flowers.

He's one of the things that keeps people coming back to my blog - go figure.

btw: I wanted to post this comment on your blogger but it's not open to the general public. I thought that at one time it was.