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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indulge This Proud Father

We made it home from our trip to Okla- homa. The family went there to see Andrea, our middle daughter, graduate from college. This is a snap shot I took of the moment she received her diploma from the University President. It's a proud moment for the wife and I and so I'm shamelessly using my blog to brag.

Hey! It is my blog isn't it? Indulge me a bit - won't you?

As I shared earlier, I had plenty of air time to get some doodling done on the planes. Here is one sample.

With recent work I did on the Hog Wild logo, I guess I had pigs on the brain. So, this doodle of a javelina (pronounced havalina) came to fruition. (I think I sound smart when I use the word "fruition.")

I still have a number of mullet illustrations to share, but I'm going to spread those out over time. Aren't you glad?

I had an idea of trying something a little different with this particular illustration. Normally I've hung onto my original artwork for prosperity sake, but with a daughter's wedding looming on the horizon, I'm willing to part with this illustration.


The first person willing to drop a mere $25 for this piece can become the proud owner of an original Rick Green doodle. I'll even throw in shipping and handling for free.

Do you know a Razorback fan? Do you have an interest in desert wild life? Are you a wild hog? (Scratch that last question.) How about it? Are there any art lovers out there?

F.Y.I. It's a pen and ink illustration on an 8x10 piece of paper. No thrills. No spills. Just straight doodling.


The first person posting a comment here telling me of their desire to purchase this piece can become the proud owner of this unique bit of artistic expression. (Talk about shameless promotion!)


Laura ~Peach~ said...

look out eggy look out! Not a hoggy fan here but cool pen n ink doodle!
Congratulations to the graduate!!!
hugs Laura

Anonymous said...

indulge all you like. it's your blog.

Brenda said...

Cornhusker fan here! Great picture though! Congrats to your daughter. You have a right to be very proud!

Michelle said...

Bet you thought I forgot about you, huh Rick???

Better. You brought back a hobby and I have to share it with you! You inspired me again.

I love your whimsical work. I see your personality and I "get it".

Years ago, I piddled with cameras. I'm slowly experimenting again. I would love it if you pop over and check out some of my most recent pictures. They're from a simple digital.

My mother recently told me that I should get a hobby so that when the girls grow up, I'll still have something to occupy my time. LOL>

Kyddryn said...

I'm not a wild hog, but I can be a crashing boor. Hah!

If I had the dosh to spare, I'd jump on this, but alas, my home is addicted to the fruit of the Edison tree (aka: electric light) and I must pay bills. Should I hit the lottery (erm...note to self - buy a ticket!) I will get back to you!

Meanwhile, hurrah for graduating and marrying and other goings-on!!

Shade and Sweetwater,

Cookie said...

I have a neighbor who still has a mullet! Too funny!
Thanks for chekcing out my blog :)
Congrats to your graduating daughter! You are a lucky parent. My 2 sisters and I decided not to walk in our college graduations. So my parents paid a lot of money not to see us graduate ;)

peachtreeart said...

Talk about talent. I think you have more in you pinky than I in my entire body :o). I graduated this spring and my parents were here to see it. It sure meant a lot to me as I'm sure it did your daughter.

Threeundertwo said...

Congratulations on the graduation!

This sketch in particular made me think of Bill Peet, a real favorite of our family. www.billpeet.net

Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad I found yours!