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Monday, January 14, 2008

In Memory of Matt

Recently I had the sad responsibility of attending the memorial service of my good friend Matt. A couple of years ago his bride, Lil, asked me to create an illustration for him as a Christmas gift. Matt, a proud Italian, loved the accordion and polka music, a love he took up in his later years. Matt was a good guy, that loved to laugh, and loved life.

While I was creating the drawing of Matt for Lil, her daughters contacted me about doing an illustration of their mother. With a great number of fruit trees on their property they said that their mother enjoyed the frequent visits of the deer on their property, along with a number of cats

So that Christmas both Matt and Lil we're surprized to open a gift created by me.

Rest in peace Matt. We'll see you on the other side.


Anonymous said...

Love the little kitty around her feet. Both are fantastic.

Yup, you'll be seeing your pal again. How great is that!

Brenda said...

I'm sorry for your loss of your friend. I love the illustrations. They look like a sweet but fun couple. I bet she treasures those now. Didn't know you Matt. Look forward to meeting you on the other side : )

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Great pictures - seems like you captured their true essence....

Make sure you stop over and enter my contest. Eventhough I didnt win yours, I am still willing to let you enter mine!! :-)

(I hold grudges, can you tell) :-)


Julie said...

Cool pics - I'm sure Matt's family loves having them, especially now!

Mabunny said...

Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. The drawings are very sweet, and I'm sure she will treasure those for years to come.

Hope your new year is going great!
Take care:))


Kristy said...

oh im so sorry you lost such a close friend. the drawings are wonderful! you do such wonderful work.

Valarie said...

Both of these are great. Sorry about the loss of a dear friend. I am sure his family appreciates both the illustrations.

peach said...

SO sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, like everyone else i am sure they will treasure the drawings, they are fantastic!
Hugs Peach

Diana Evans said...

lovely read and wonderful illustrations...

truly a special gift for the family..