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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Day In Tonya's Overloaded Life

I'm getting just a bit caught up on my list of request for caricatures. Here's another project...

Tonya contacted me about doing an illustration of her family. At first she wanted me to draw the whole gang, each doing their own thing at the beach - they are SoCal people.

One evening I wrote and informed her that I was ready to start on her caricature. I drew my usual 8x10 frame for the piece, stared at the paper for a while, and then went to bed. Tonya wrote me the next morning and asked if I had actually started. I had to confess that I had not actually, officially, in reality started. Her response was "yippeee!"

(I wish my wife could get so excited by my procrastination skills.)

Turns out that it was a good thing that I hadn't actually put something down on paper because now she had a little different scenario in mind.

She wrote, "Okay, so maybe me juggling my everyday life stuff - husband, twins, teenager, pets, household chores, craft projects, cooking .... all the things I love I guess." She went on to list a number of different things that her husband and children could be doing. I liked the concept because, although it was going to take some time to get all this stuff on paper, it opened up the possibility for a lot of fun creativity.

Here's the finally product...

Anything about all this looks similar to your life?

It might take you a bit to get it all in. Her husband is a helicopter pilot for the Marines, but I put him in a little private one becuase I need him to be flying something close enough to a window so that you can make out his face. In recognition of his service I wanted to put a pic of him flying the real thing. Thank you sir.

You should check out the comments on Tonya's blog regarding her new art, and see all the new frustrated egg hunters that have commented there. I got too much joy out of it. But Tonya got weak (in my opinion) and gave a too easy of a hint for Eggy's location. But, I guess I've done the same thing myself on a previous post. So, you might want to go on an egg hunt here first before you pop on over there.

She also posted a little doodle I did on the back of the envelope I drew while waiting in line at the Post Office.

Thank you Tonya for choosing me for your cartoon needs. I've added you to the list of crazy people that have used my artwork for their blogs. I think it's a fun illustration, and I hope you enjoy it for many years - and I pray your life gains some sanity.


TONYA said...

yes you're right I caved, damn me, I'm too easy (mmm that didn't come out right LOL).

It has still managed to drive a few people mad though and they still can't find him ha ha - including hubby and my 12 year old last night.

Thank you again, you did a fantastic job and I just love it.

Rick said...

To Tonya: I'll give your blog fans one thing... When I clicked on your copy of the image it didn't increase as much as it does on my blog.

It does help my perverse joy to continue when I read that hubby and son can't find him even with the original artwork in hand.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I found mr eggy waving LOL... I am a dedicated eggy hunter and only caved in the cave and tree but after I learned of the multi colored egg I seek harder LOL.
Love it and yeah at times I can too well relate love her placing the plate with her toes LOL!

Tismee2 said...

This great - and yes just like me and my home most days. Except we just have police helicopters hunting out ne'er do wells near here.
Off to find Eggy.

Brenda said...

Fun picture. You got a lot in there!

Dejastar said...

Rick-I followed your comment from my blog here. You do good work. I am trying to find Mr. Eggy.

Andrea said...

I love this drawing!! I think this is my favorite, maybe because I can relate!! LOL!!