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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Show & Shine @ the Shore

Last year our church held a motorcycle "show & shine" on the Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend. This is the logo I drew to advertise the event.

We're having the event again this year. So, if you happen to be in the area on May 24, drop on by. We're adding the talents of a gentleman that does award winning Bar-B-Q. He'll be cooking up some chicken on his massive grill for everyone. (I cannot wait - love a good Bar-B-Q!)

That date is also the day our town holds its annual Azalea Festival. Some of us rode our bikes in the parade last year. It's my one chance to ride by bike on the streets of Oregon without a helmet - even though my wife hates it when I do.

Below are some photos from last year.

Yours truly riding his ride in the Brookings Azalea Parade. How do I look?

Some of the motorcycles we had showing up at the event. I think we had 35 bikes in all.

Two of my girls goofing around on my bike. The youngest was tickling her older sister.

The members of my rough, tough motorcycle gang. You wouldn't want to meet us in a dark alley.


Brenda said...

Great art work as always. I'm scared of motorcycles. So I say you look....risky.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

LOVE the bikes! big bad gang there woudl love to meet them all day night midnight no problem!
as long as you are helmetless only in the parade its ok must protect the gray matter ok!
Hugs and grins

Coffee Bean said...

My husband would be so jealous!!! Great artwork, as always, and you look Maaahvelous on your bike.

You know... I was going to be a paramedic but I got married and had kids instead. I did get my EMT certification... we called motorcycles DONORcycles. I sure hope you wear a helmet! Does your wife ride with you? Because my husband would love to get another bike and have me ride along but...I'm like.. uh, no way mister! If she doesn't ride with you... tell her I like her a lot! If she does... I will never reveal this post of yours to my husband!

Rick said...

To The Bean: My wife does ride with me a little. She didn't really care for doing it before I put the sissy bar on the back. She felt like she was about ready to slide off the back when I hit the gas. She feels a lot more secure on the bike now that there is something behind her holding her in place. Still, she is not a fan of long rides. So, the answer is yes and no - depending upon where I'm headed.

Coffee Bean said...

Darn it!!! I must hide this current post and blog of yours from my husband! The last thing I need is him to point out that you have a "cool wife!"

And that's not a sissy bar! That is a smart bar!

Karen Deborah said...

yeah you look cool. Have you seen the movie Road Hogs? shoot I think that's the name of it, anyway it's hilarious, the 4 guys in mid life crisis on their bikes. My bro has a Harley a big crusier that both he and his wife can ride. I'm thinking about bicycles, Kelly started it.

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Our church hosts an annual car show. What a great graphic for the event you guys had. My daughter works in the graphic arts department at our church and would get a bang out of your work.

Mabunny said...

Ooooh, you look great! And your motorcycle gang looks scary ( j/k). Looks like a great group of guys!!
I used to ride a moped:)) lol when I was a teenager, but don't think I could do a motorcycle now. I do admire beautiful bikes though. We have a Harley store about 30 minutes down the highway from us, it is a beautiful sight to see..

Take care Rick, have a great day!

Dianna said...

I love your blog (and your scary motorcyle dude friends ;)

Yippee~You were the first male ever to comment on my blog...is there a gift basket or award for such a thing? A fruit and cheese tray or huge gourmet cookie? I checked Hallmark...no card either. Geez, I feel like I should give you something...how about:
THANKS for stopping by RICK*!*
(you talented guy you-your drawings rock :)

Jean-activeimagination said...

Rick, darn good looking bike but not sure I can say the same about the gang you hang with....LOL.
I was hoping to see the back of your bike with the license plate of.. SW-RB08....
wink....I am sworn to secrecy and will not reveal the meaning of SW or RB....well, maybe for a chocolate chip cookie...

Rick said...

To Jean, with the OVER Active Imagination: With just a chocolate chip cookie? You're bought off far too easily.