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Friday, September 26, 2008

Family In Tandem

You know what "they" say: "The family that rides a tandem bike together stays together."

Isn't that what "they" say? Well, even if "they" don't, it's still true.

(Who are these "they" people that I hear about all the time.? "They" sure do get a lot of credit for saying a lot of stuff.)


Diane wanted to celebrate her hubby's B-day coming in October. Apparently, tandem bike riding is something that they do. So, she wanted me to create an illustration of the whole gang pushing the pedals together.

These type of illustrations are always a challenge because I'm not so great with mechanical drawings. Bicycles don't come easy for me, and drawing a five seater made it all that more difficult. Plus, you have to try to draw each family member to scale, at the correct position and height.

(Have I sufficiently communicated the idea that this was hard so that you are duly impressed with my drawing skills?)

Actually, the illustration went fairly well and I didn't have to do a lot of erasing and redrawing.

Since hubby's birthday is sometime next month he hasn't seen it yet, but Diane seemed to like it when she wrote...

How do I scream a happy scream in email? I don't know how to spell it, but I'm shouting for joy and excitement (good thing he's at work)! I love it, and not just because you made me skinny. &:-) Yes, it's a very happy drawing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! He'll love it. Thank you so much!

Oh - will you have it on your web site like I've seen others? I thought I could send the link to friends before his big day to give a subtle hint to send him a card!

Thank you, Rick!

(Now, THAT'S the kind of response I like to get when I finish one of those caricatures.)

You're welcome Diane. I'm glad you like your new girlish figure, and don't worry about the helmet laws. They don't apply in the blogging world. I'll look forward to hearing how the lead biker responds to his new doodle.

You know what "they" say? No? Too bad. I was hopping you would know, because right now I don't have a clue.

And oh! How could I forget? Hallie and her Sock Monkey are making a run for the White House. They held a campaign stop here in Oregon. My blog was featured on theirs. Voting for a monkey, much less one stuffed with fluff may not seem like all that much a change for some of you, but go and check out her blog anyways.


Tonjia said...

OK now that is true love, riding on a tandem bike! We ride bikes but I want to be in control of my own handlebar and front wheel! LOLOL

the doodle is awesome and it does reflect the time and concentration that you put into it. :-)

congrats on hosting Hallie and the monkey!!

DK said...

haha, you did a good job on drawing the bicycle. I actually did not notice anything wrong before you mentioned how hard it was to draw. You drawing gives happy vibes to viewers.:)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

another home run rick!! or would it be a grand slam??? I see mr eggy got knocked off the bike LOL poor eggy!

Anonymous said...

Another thumbs up from me! Wouldn't fancy being on there though!


FAMILY riding, walking, talking, or dining together is ALWAYS great to see illustrated...and the patriotic outfits also lend a hint that NOW is the time for FAMILY to stick together with PRIDE regardless of what the pun ditz say.


PERFECT illustration for use in my blog today...using your SMARTS about family outings, without gas.

Brenda said...

Awww. That is adorable.

Linda Elms said...

Rick, your pictures are nice! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am very thankful the Lord kept His hand on me when I was traveling the other day, and had a flat tire! Things could have been much worse. By the way, I've often wondered who "THEY" are!!!! :)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i have used a doodle in my post for monday! :)