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Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Jimmy Boy!

Say hello to my Bro-In-Law, Jim. He turns 48 today! Some of you doodle fans may remember the little birthday notice I gave his wife, my sister, Becky back in March.

I feel that I should tell you that Mr. James has been fighting a six year battle with stupid cancer. Lately, they've had some bad news on this front, and so I wanted to make his celebration a little brighter by posting this doodle of him here.

Jim is the pastor of a church in Hood River, Oregon. The Scripture reference is entirely appropriate for a guy that's been undergoing chemo for six years. Look it up and you'll see.

Apparently Jim-bo reads my blog religiously. (Pun intended) He's probably the only family member that does. (Even my own daughers!!!) So, if you leave him a birthday greeting I'm sure he'll see it, and it will make this special day all that much merrier.

Happy birthday Jimmy Boy!! (How many different ways can I misuse your name?) I hope you have a great day. Tell that dumb cancer to go away. We're all praying for you.

Your Favorite Bro-In-Law (Despite what my brothers may say.)



Laura ~Peach~ said...

ok Rick I know it is early in the morning but there is ho hezekiah in my bible?

And Happy Birthday Jimmy boy :) We will add you to our prayers in this battle !

Mabunny said...

RICKY -POO? HAHAHAHA. I dont picture you as a ricky -poo, lol.

Happy birthday to you JIM the BIL. I hope the news on the cancer front isn't too horrific. Hope you have a fantastic day!

Mabunny said...

Oh Laura, just saw your post, there is an Ezekiel if Im' not mistaken. I don't have my Bible in front of me though, and I think there is a Hebicah or something to that effect,/sigh it is too early here too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Jim; we'll be praying for you!

I like your site a lot; great work!

Blessings, Whitney

Tara said...

Hi Jim! It's fantastic to hear you're celebrating another birthday! Beating cancer is tough and it sure sounds like you're doing one heck of a job. Keep it up!

I'm one of Rick's faithful blog readers and proud owner of a Rick Doodle! (November 2007)

So Jim, Happy Birthday from California!

Becky B said...

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband....who even on chemo knows there is no book of Hezekiah. I am so thankful God has given you to me for these almost 26 years. You are my left arm...my hero....and my friend.


Rick said...

Have a great day of celebration. You know I have so much admiration for the courage you have shown in your fight and for the way you have reflected Christ in all your attitudes. Keep fighting I need to skunk you at cards at Thanksgiving. You knew I couldn't be nice the whole time.

Love (Your favorite sis-in-law)

Catherine Holman said...

Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog. Happy Birthday to your brother in law and I'll say a little prayer for him.

Your doodles are great!

Lea said...

I may be new to Rick's blog but -timing is everything - I'm not new to your fight, Jim. My son recently marked 7 years since his diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, and will soon celebrate his 17th birthday as a healthy teenager.

Happy birthday! Make it a good one.

VanDerHoekArt said...

Happy birthday Jim! So sorry but now you are known to all of us in the blog world as Jimmy Poo.

I'll say a prayer for you.

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Jim Bo. Hezekiah only has 15 chapters ; )

Jenn said...

Have a beautiful birthday, Jim!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jimmy James! Wishing you blessing overflowing! You must be a special guy to be in Rick's family :) Hope he treats you well...I'm sure he does.

As for the Hezekiah...I tried reading it and stumbled on a huge rock. I went back the the 66 books I know and love and found it made my path straight.

(Rick, you are a hoot and a half)

Tonjia said...

Its ok Laura, Hezekiah isnt a book in our bible either! LOL

Happy Birthday Jim! May you have a blessed day filled with family and love.

Mummy McTavish said...

Rick, thanks for your comments a while back on our little blog. I meant to comment when you posted my BIL's birthday present a while back (august 12), it's great, can't wait to see it for real one day.

Reddirt Woman said...

JimJim, you are in my prayers for more reasons than just stupid cancer. You must be a good man for Ricky Poo to hold you in such high regard. We all love him for his twisted sense of humor, but we don't have him in our family...lol

Anyway, happy late birthday to you Jim.

'Nuff said.


Nola said...

Happy birthday Ricky Poo!!!!! My husband is named Ricky too...Ricky Poo!!! or Tricky Ricky, Dicky Ricky....oh the list goes on!!!! Have a wonderful day:)

Nola said...

Duhhhhh....meant to say Happy Birthday JIM!!!! then go on about Ricky Poo's name....you know what I mean:) .... better shut up now....but still have a great day...JIMMIE POO