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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fighting Fire

The other day I had someone ask about the possi- bility of me creating a doodle for her husband who is a fire fighter. That reminded me of this caricature that I did a few years ago of a friend's son.

I'm a little reluctant to post this because I've never been too happy with how it turned out. I don't like the way I positioned the guys legs - they're too cramped up underneath him. I think I should have made the fire-bug smaller. That would have made the absurdity of the situation a bit more humorous. And now, I could do a much better job on the face. I've had a bit more experience with this drawing thing since then.

The Christmas requests are flowing in. I think I'll be doodling from here until December late. That's the way it was last year. Ho, Ho, Oh!!!

Also: This is a photo of my friend John and I. His mother took it during the church's Harvest Party last Friday. It's a classic. I just had to share it with you.

Some people at the party didn't recognize me in my full Harley get-up. One dear saint told me she was backing away from me until she figured out who I was.

We're a couple of tough looking characters. So, watch out! We be baaaaaad!!


Aleta said...

I like the fireman, though I agree about the legs, something there struck me as odd when I first saw it. I like the fire bug though!

Kristy said...

great fireman drawing! i like the picture of you and your friend. my daddy is also a harley fan.

Tonjia said...

I like the doodle! I think you are too critical of your work. haha

Oh you look pretty mean in that picture.

Reddirt Woman said...

That's a heavy hose he's dragging... I like the idea of it.

As to you if your full Harley regalia... I would have recognized you because I would see you, not your regalia. I learned that about 40 years ago when I found out that a fellow I loved and was very good friends with had ridden with the Hell's Angels when he was in California and a bank robber. You'd have never thought he'd have been either one. He was honry and full of mischief and totally unpredictable, but the best friend you could hope for... So I learned you don't judge a book by it's cover in real life.

BTW, I enjoyed seeing you "cut loose" a bit... :-)

Diana Evans said...

great illustration Rick and I love that photo...you are tough looking characters for sure!!!

tipper said...

A couple of rough looking characters for a church gathering :) Neat fireman too.

Brenda said...

You look scary. Oh yeah. You ride a motorcycle too. Double scary.

yoon see said...

Thanks for dropping by & giving kind comment.
I think you are borned to be a good illustrator!
Your fireman doodle on duty is so cool and convincing...hey...urgency on the go to put off fire!!!
I really like your style & admire your humour..., keep up your good work.

Patti said...

I like the Harley get-up!

The "dear saint" at your church would be backing away from my tattooed, spikey husband too...and he's not in costume!!