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Monday, November 17, 2008

She Hearts NYC

Andi (second from the left) contacted me about creating a doodle to commemorate a trip she took to NYC with friends. If I understood correctly, some or all of the friends are from Europe.

When I looked at her blog I saw that there were a number of sights that they visited in the city while they were there. So, instead of simply recreating the provided photo, I suggested that I doodle a collage of various New Yorkie kind of sights placed behind them. This is the result.

In the process, Andi has become clued in on the addition of our little "friend" to each of the drawings. She asked for a "clue" and I provided her one. That was all it took, and suddenly Andi had a broad new world opened up to her.

She wrote me and said...

"My baby Arielle and I are spending the morning looking through archives and finding Eggy. Fun times with my kid.....since we are both fighting colds and not going to church today. Arielle is having fun. She wants to find them before I do. Sometimes...she does. Thanks for the fun game."

You're welcome Andi and Arielle. My artwork is almost as good as Mom's chicken soup when it comes to treating a cold.

Check out her blog and tell her what your best homemade remedy is for the not so common cold.

In other news: The youth pastor at our church is a fairly good doodler himself. The other day we decided to collaborate on a project together. We're taking turns drawing a collage of illustrations depicting various scenes from the Old Testament. The idea is to auction off the piece when we're finished to raise money for the church's youth group.

This is an 11x14 pencil sketch. I plan to post various copies to show our progress. If you're interested in making a bid you can e-mail me at my address provided in the right column.

Can you tell which parts I drew?


Laura ~Peach~ said...

cool drawing with the great sites in NYC... HI Eggy :)
In the collaborate peice I'd say you did the bottom right ... not positive on the top... but hes good too! this should be a great peice!

Chris H said...

I believe you did the top left and bottom right bits. Another 2 eggy hunters added to the list I see! I still think the BEST EGGY was the one you added to the last doodle I got from you... where you made him with colour ... and bigger than 'normal'.. I love him.

noexcuses said...

Sheesh! Now I must go back and read prior blogs to find out about Eggy! We used to love to find the Gold Bug in Richard Scarry's books.

Your Doodle of the friends is great! I love the collage of NY highlights!

Nice job on the joint venture, too!

Andi said...

Got your package in the mail. Arielle wanted it for herself but I snatched it from her before she hid it away. Our cold is still there but Eggy is making it better. There is only one that we so far could not find. We look forward to finding more in the future. Love ya, Andi and Arielle

Caroline Hancox said...

thanks for your kind comment on my blog - i like yours, just had a quick look x

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks so much for your visit and your commtnt, I love your blog....

tipper said...

Love the doodle of the friends in New York-very neat!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pic!

I watched a programme last night where Stephen Fry toured through Oregon. It looked a beautiful place. Although the guy who claims to have seen Big Foot was a bit 'iffy'.

Rick said...

To Tismee2: Yes, Big Foot. I know him personally. A bit smelly, but over all a nice guy.

The next time you come to the states, forget Florida and come over to Oregon - I introduce you to him.

Reddirt Woman said...

Top left and bottom right... and you're right... the youth pastor's not too bad. Keep us up to date with your project.

Andi and Arielle are going to have lots of fun looking for Eggy. You make life so fun, even when folks are down with a cold.


Debbie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your doodles!! One day, I'd love one of me in my power chair. Her name is Lucy, cause she's red. LOL.

Keep up the good work and keep me entertained!!

God Bless~