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Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Know This Face

In terms of doing caricatures, Tonya's face has got to be the one that I've illustrated the most. She's a very busy blogging young lady, and this is the forth time that I've recreated her face with pen & color pencil. Not that I've minded (Tonya) it's just a matter of fact. I KNOW this face!!

In addition to her personal and crafting blogs, Tonya has a party organizing blog as well. She also has some very specific taste when it comes to doodles. Which, I must add, I don't mind, because I want to please my customers very much.

So, with some general instructions from her, I went to task on creating a(nother) Tonya doodle. This was what I sent to her first.

Tonya's response was kind, but there were some things about it that didn't quite meet her expectations. She liked the concept, but the colors were a bit too bright for one thing. She said that she was wanting it to look a bit more "classy"—her word. So, that evening I went to "classifying" her doodle up a bit. That's hard for me, because I'm kind of an un-classy guy.

Now, here's the funny part - hee, hee. I spent the evening working on the doodle, and then I get an e-mail from Tonya around mid-night telling me that she had changed her mind and that she liked the one that I had already sent her.

(I'm not complaining Tonya. I just saying...)

By then it was too late. I had "classified" all over her doodle. This then is what I sent her next...
Can you see the differences?

1. I muted the colors a bit.
2. I added greenery to the flowers - always a classy touch.
3. I put a shadow effect behind the lettering.
4. I put a gray swooshie thing behind the entire header.

VERY classy! Wouldn't you say?

It turns out that Tonya liked it. I think she was just trying to be nice about my first try. I was glad that she was happy. Another satisfied customer, only this was the fourth time for her.

Go and check out her blog and make note of the one attempt she did to "classify" the doodle herself. Tell her that you like it—regardless! It's only nice.


Fire Hunt said...

How do you put a link in your post?

* TONYA * said...

You know I love your gray swooshy thingy and your 'class-ifying' of my header ha ha ... but I would've loved it the other way too, really. You know I was hormonal last week, plus being a woman and a gemini, I can never make up my mind :)

Thanks so much Rick. I love it.

Anonymous said...

You know I actually like both. I'd take ages to decide which to use if I had to.

Tonya's blog is great - but makes me feel inadequate as she is so full of ideas and creativity.

You are both inspirational!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

cool drawing I like it (the second/ touched up version best) and HI eggy :)

~Sheila~ said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. I REALLY love your drawing/doodlings. They are great cartoons. I just may come up with some ideas for you if you have the time. Do you charge a fee because I would like a doodle of my kids doing what they like to do.

Chris H said...

I like them both, but kinda think the 2nd one is a bit nicer, more depth to it. Eggy.... yep found.

Shannon said...

I liked your "swooshy thing" term. Funny. I really do enjoy your artwork.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Rick. Great job on Tonya's doodle. I like both versions. Sorry I haven't been by for a while.
Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!

Skittles said...

I was already looking for the differences before you asked. I saw them . :)

Mrs4444 said...

I love it, and I really enjoyed reading about the process. Another great piece!