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Monday, April 13, 2009

Surfing U.S.A.

Liz requested an illustration of her brother Peter; pictured on the right. One of her ideas was an illustration with him on his Harley. You all know I'm a fan of Harleys, but I also know that if you're going to draw an illustration of a guy on his "Hog" you need a photo of his own bike, because drawing just any old Harley won't do.

The other idea Liz had was an illustration of Pete surfing. Apparently, back in the day... Pete use to spend a a lot of time in Huntington Beach, around lifeguard station #16. So, while Pete didn't really spend anytime on the breakers anymore, Liz thought it would be a very nostalgic gift for him.

Here, then, is what I created.

This was another fun one to create. I did a little internet research on life guard stations. Most California stations look like this one. Then I also found a number of photos of this unique pier, drawn in the back ground, in Huntington Beach. It all seem to come together very well.

What do you think... dudes?


Chris H said...

I be a 'Dudette'... and I see you are trying hard to re-establish your Dude-ness! lol
The doodle is neat... eggy can swim I hope!

noexcuses said...

Pete loves the picture, Rick! You really outdid yourself this time! Thanks for doing the extra research, too! --Liz

JustinB said...

Looks pretty good!!!!!!

Alice said...

i love it! and i hope he will, too. i like that you did the research to make it as realistic as possible. super job!

Reddirt Woman said...

My first thought was Righteous! and then I clicked on the photo and saw the fish sayin' righteous!...

Great minds flock together!

Good one, Dude..


Shawn said...

Lovin' it as usual!

Used your 'Wuv you' doodle on my blog today. ;o)

I'm so glad you let us Copy and Share...they just give that extra umph sometimes.

noexcuses said...

I'm such a dork! I couldn't figure out how to copy and post the photo, as well as your picture. I'm sure it is very easy. I posted a story the same day that you posted the picture, and I hit the funnly little picture that would take people to your site when they clicked on it. But I so, want to share your picture with everyone on my blog (all of my three readers).