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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bob the Principal

Here's the final results on the illustration of Bob the Principal that I've been giving you a sneak peek of.

(Take a look at some of the previous post to see this doodle in progress.)

Now you can also see Bob himself and make comparison to my version of the man. He looks to be a nice enough fellow. I think that I would trust him with my kids.

As I stated before, at one time Bob was going to retire this year, and this was going to be a retirement gift. But, apparently he's had a change of heart and decided to stick around a while.

I think that when it comes for my time to retire (when I can actually afford the life of luxury that I've now come to expect) I'll be happy to do so. How about you?
This doodle is now destined to be a birthday gift for Bob come May 26th. In the mean time you can check out some of Terri's excellent looking recipes on a blog that would make a man trying to lose weight cry. (snif, snif) She's a principal too, so no running in the hallways over there.

Thanks Terri for choosing (use to be) little 'o me to help celebrate your husband's (now not) retirement. I'll look forward to hearing about his response. Please send photos.


justabeachkat said...

I love it! I think Terri will too. And, of course, Bob. I enjoy Terri's blog and have gotten to know Bob through it. Great job Rick.


Terri and Bob said...

I think Bob is going to love it. I know he will! He's the best principal around!

Jewelielyn said...

after watching your drawing progress, i instantly knew that the photo was bob! you drew a very good likeness of him and then added such fun details . . . very nice!

Ashley and Eric said...

Haha This is too funny! That's my dad, and you're right, there was no running inside the house! :)

Alice said...

rick, i've been retired 10 years this coming August and i love it! you should certainly do it whenever you can. love how this picture turned out - the doodle looks just like the man...great job!

WhisperingWriter said...

That is an awesome drawing.

Thank you for the comment on my blog!

grammie of 3 said...

Perfect likeness of him. Great job.

curtisleefarmer said...

Great job, Rick! It was fun seeing the different stages of this sketch... By the way, it's "principal", not "principle". I know this from a little reminder I learned years ago - The princiPAL wants to be your PAL. Ha!

Rick said...

To Curtis Lee: Thanks cousin. The changes are made. You're a "pal."

Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

Awesome! I bet the students will love this one as well.

~Kristen~ said...

Fabulous job!!! Bob and Terri are amazing people that I feel lucky to know! He should love this!!