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Thursday, May 14, 2009

We Have Lift Off!!

This is the follow-up attempt at creating a caricature for Katrina's parents. I am pleased to report that this version met with their approval.

Please scroll down to May 8th to make a comparison between the two caricatures. I think that you can see that I took a more "comedic" approach with this one. I feel much better knowing that Mom was pleased with the results.

Each doodle ends up being just a bit different. I never know how they will turn out. I think I like my sunset better in this one.

I really don't know if this is suppose to be a surprise gift for Dad, or if they just wanted a doodle. Either way, I can now rest easy knowing that I have another happy customer.

I'm trying really hard to keep my reputation in tack. (No comments please about the possibility of that happening.)

I'm now on to yet another doodle. Stay "tooned" to see what these little fingers of mine conjure up.


MaBunny said...

I like it! Glad they finally do too!

Shawn said...

I have to say I like it better also.

I guess I just think of the over-sized heads as being what it should be in a caricature doodle.

Nicely done Rick!

Trish said...

I like it better because now the sunset is the focus and not the camper...but I not being an artist
admire all of your doodles. I'm can barely draw stick people!!!

Chris H said...

Yep this one is certainly much nicer.. much more definition in their faces too. I see eggy is hanging in there too! Well done.

Lilly said...

How good is that - well done. Glad they like it.

Trish said...

Rick...just wanted you to know that I used the John 7 Living Waters doodle for Sundays Post!
Thank you for the privilege of using your work.

GE is me said...

This one looks much better. Glad the customer was happy. :)