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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sneak Peek 4

Here is a look at more of the color work that I've com- pleted on the illustra- tion of Bob the Principle. I've actually finished it, but I need to make a decent copy of the finished product to send to Terri for her approval. If you've followed the comments on the previous sneak peek post you've perhaps saw that Terri was pleased with what she's seen so far. That's good—really good.

I was surprised to learn that this is no longer a retirement gift. Apparently Bob has decided to not retire. So, I guess this is almost retirement gift.

Stay tooned for more.


Chris H said...

Ha! I thought it was only us girls (that includes YOU sister) who were apt to changing their minds!
I see EGGY finally got in the pic!

Terry said...

hi rick...i finally have a little time to come here to look at your most entertaining blog!
i had to laugh when you said that this picture was not a happy retirement picture anymore!
it is happening more these days.
my husband will be 60 in may and that is the age that you can retire in canada and get a government pension. he was counting down the days for may 25th to come!
well, with that pension and his factory pension, it would have been ok to live modestly on.
well what happened? his company pension is through standard life and it went down by 60 thousand dollars..
ha!... until it goes up again, he will have to keep on working!
not to complain though..the factory where he is working is holding on by the skin of its teeth and at least he has a job!

this picture you created gets better and better each step rick!

take care now and you know the question you asked me about would it be hard to get rid of the records after bernie puts them on to cds?
well it sure will be!!
i guess we will have to cross THAT bridge when we come to it...
maybe i will just hang on to my southern gospel records and my fifty or so george bev shea records.!

god bless you rick and god bless your gift to make others happy and honour the lord at the same!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

its awesome I am loving it.

Trish said...

Hey Rick, Just wanted to let you know that I used your Jeremial 11
Doodle for my Sunday Scripture Post.
So thankful that you let us share these wonderful works with others!!!