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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inspired by the Olympics

Here's a little doodle that I drew while my family was sitting around the TV in the cabin in Hood River, OR.  (Refer to my February 23rd post)  My one regret is that the right hand seems to be a bit bigger than the left one.  Oh well, otherwise I think not bad for just sitting down at the table with a sketch pad and doodling away some time.

Copy & Share If You Dare


Daisy said...

I like the expression on her face. :D

I think you did a nice job with this one.

Alice said...

i love the way you drew Eggie in this one - he's in the same pose as the skater - cool!

{Simply} Heather said...

Rick, I am SO glad that you found my blog and left a comment for me...because I was able to find yours. What an amazingly gifted and talented man you are!!!

I am following, I will most likely share and link back to you, with your "copy and share if you dare" posts :)

I am just so impressed!!

Now, I'll have to visit when I have a few more minutes of free time (I have three boys on school vacation right now).

So glad you found me.

Anna Mirror said...

hehe!! I luv this!! :D