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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cute Megan

I can always tell when graduation season is upon us. There are some purple flowers that bloom whenever it's that time of year. Another hint is that I get graduation gift orders. Kathy wanted a high school graduation gift for her daughter, Megan. She wanted an illustration which depicted her daughter's love of nature and included the lake that the family enjoys water skiing on during the summer.  Also, she wanted Megan's high school mascot, the lightning blots (or something like that) included.
Megan is a cute looking young lady, don't you think? The cute ones are always harder to draw.  I always appreciate an ugly mug to draw.  This gift is yet to be opened, so I hope she's not a blogger.

This is a photo of the illustration, that's why the edge is kind of skewed.  I think the caricature turned out well, despite the cuteness factor.  What do you think?


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

she is a cutie but Rick where is her other arm.....or do I need new glasses again? old age sucks.

Rick said...

To Margaret, or Peggy, or Peg, or Whatever You scared me for a second. The arm is there. It's mostly behind the deer's head. You can get a hint of an elbow and some fingers.

smArtee said...

fantastic...I love the "Cute"