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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sheriff of a No Horse Town

During all the excitement I had last Friday night while trying to up my vote totals I grabbed a spare piece of paper and starting doodling this guy. In my usual fashion I started without really knowing where the drawing was heading. The next thing I knew he turned into a cowboy, and the the cowboy was upgraded to sheriff.  After shading the feller in with my usual crosshatching I decided that I liked it so well I would add some color.  Next came the dog and more color. Finally, I figured the Sheriff needed a town. I only wished that I had added a horse so that I could say he was he sheriff of a "one horse town."

I really, really like how this doodle turned out. In fact it's up there as one of my favorites. I just like how the whole thing turned out. I wished that I could express this kind of freedom when I do my caricatures, but I feel bound down when I draw those. The one or two times that I've tried to add my own "flair" to a caricature I sensed that the client was less than enthused with my work.  Still, I try. What do you think?


Triflin' of Liisaritard said...

Aww! this piece of work is really cute, you know, i just love it =) not to mention the cowboy which is already so adorable..the doggy is so damn cute. Nice work!
oh btw, I've voted for you=)good luck yo^.^

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

so cuuute Rick!
The dog needs more snacks i think?!

Kim VanDerHoek said...

So, my mom used to live in a tiny town in New Mexico a while ago and I honestly think I met this guy there once. He has so much character that I can almost imagine what his voice would sound like. Great doodle, as always, Rick!

clew said...

Heh - I think I know this guy!

Don't you love it when arbitrary scribbling turns into something cool? Ncie work, friend :)