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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bad Bad Bunny

I colored in the Bad Bunny doodle. Don't ask me why I drew him. I just started drawing and out he came. I went a little "Big Boy" on the overalls, I guess. I always like the way red checks look in an illustration. For whatever reason, he's still a bad, bad bunny.

It's been a while since I drew something just to add to my collection. I've got a stack of doodles at home. Occasionally, I get a chance to display them, but I rarely sell anything. People mostly just like to look at them. Oh well, it's just a hobby.

Christmas is coming. If you're interested in having a character drawn, or a Name Doodle done, now is the time to get your order in. I have a wedding coming up in November. THAT'S going to require some of my attention.

In other news...

We were "Skype-ing" with our eldest daughter, and her husband (my trainer) the other night. Do you "Skype?" It's the greatest way to connect with your family when they are far, far away. I was playing with my new camera and got this shot.


The youth group at our church had a big event last night. This year they brought in a dunk tank and asked me if I would take a turn. It's a good thing for them that I had lost weight because a few months ago I would have been over the capacity. So, on a cool, overcast evening, on the Oregon coast, your's truly took a bath.  Here are some shots...

My friend, Bernard, made a big announcement that I was in the tank. I would have rather preferred they ignore me.
The kids seem to attack the trigger with a vengeance. I kept wonder what did I ever do to them?
Down I go! This was actually my third or fourth dunk, but it's the best shot that my youngest was able to get. Yes, it was cold.


Erika Jean said...

I skyped with my sister while she was in Iraq. her internet wasn't all that great, but it was still nice to "see" her.

Alice said...

i love the mole! pretty awesome :)