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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bad Bunny

My new camera arrive on Thursday. It's like my old Canon in many ways, but still, a much, much better camera. I've barely had it out of the box. I had been reduced to using our youngest daughter's camera, and when her sister flew into town for a wedding shower, it was all I had to take pictures with. The screen on the camera is broken and so when I took this photo before the shower we had no idea that it was set on black and white. The picture turned out pretty good still.

This is the first photo I took with the new one—a Geranium sitting on the front our porch. Not a bad photo, if I do say so myself.

The youngest snapped this photo of me. It's not my best expression, but I thought you might find it interested if you've been keeping track of my weight loss. My face looks thin, even to me, in this photo. As of this morning, I am down 28.5 pounds—that since July 12.

"What am I doing?," I hear you ask. (Yes, I can hear you all the way from here.) I am just watching what I eat and walking every day—following my son-in-law's directives. Starting Oct. 3rd he's going to have me doing some lite weight training. I say "lite," but he's had me pick up two 15lbs hand weights to do the training with. What's crazy to me is that those things are HEAVY and I've loss as nearly as much as those things weigh together.

This is a photo of a doodle that I started this morning while talking to my parents on the phone. For some reason I wanted to draw a bunny. But you know me, he couldn't be a "happy little bunny." He had to be something strange. I called him a "Bad Bunny," but maybe he's not bad.  Maybe he's just "expressive." I'll be developing this illustration further. You can kind of see a mole that I've sketched out in pencil in the lower corner. AND, (apologies) You-Know-Who hasn't been added yet. Stay tuned for a bunny updates.


Kim VanDerHoek said...

Wow, Rick, you are looking so skinny! Way to go!

Bad Bunny looks like he's ready to become a tattoo on someone's arm...because that's what bad bunnies do. Cool.

Reddirt Woman said...

Maybe that is a sub-conscious depiction of your inner bunny munchin' raw carrots on your diet. I'm glad the okra didn't set you back on your diet too bad. That is a pretty good black and white photo you got there. Busted screen just means shooting on faith and it worked out for you and the geranium is pretty dadgum good, too. Had you just gotten up when your daughter snapped that photo?

Erika Jean said...

awesome shots, and I agree with kim, - u do look a lot thinner! Good job!!

So do you have an SLR now? You should look into getting Flickr. I love it. great place to keep pics and get feedback and whatnot - you can also put the pictures from Flickr onto your blog and the quality is a lot better ;-)

love the bunny!!

Alice said...

thanks for clearing up that point on you-know-who :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of your ladies. Looks like your wife is doing good with the thinner face as well. That was the motivation for me trying to drop a few pounds, I was sick of seeing my chubby face photos. I'm down 20 and stuck, ugh!

Congrats on the new camera and the hard work to lose the pounds. Keep up the good work my friend.