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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Short Trip

I tell people that I don't mind them making fun of my hairline, and I mean it. I'd rather them poke fun at that then at my personality. After all, it was God Who gave me the hairline. And why should I complain about the 1,000's of hours that He has saved me from daily morning hair prep time? I'm telling you that if I brush my hair more than six times it's only wishful thinking.

What I do mind is having to hear the same bald jokes over and over again. I'm telling you that I've heard them all! 

"God only made a few perfect heads. The rest He covered with hair."
Yuk, Yuk
"You're not loosing hair. You're only growing more face."
Yuk, Yuk
Etc. Etc...

I try to eek out a polite chuckle, but it's getting harder. But, here's one that perhaps your bald friends have not I've heard. This is indeed what I say when people tell me they're going to get out of my hair...

Copy & Share, If you Dare. Maybe you'll get a laugh, or maybe they'll never speak to you again. Either way, it could be worth a try.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

love it... my father is hair challenged i may have to send it to him!

Erika Jean said...

bald is beautiful!