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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Rooster Rock

Another one of my favorite drawings, and one that others seem to really enjoy, is my Rooster Rock cartoon. I drew one similar to this a few years ago. My wife ended up asking me if she could use that one as a gift for a friend that was moving away. In time, I decided to recreate it the piece.

I actually have two versions of this particular drawing. One where the leader singer is not wearing sunglasses, and then this one with the glasses - I decided that he needed the shades. Everyone I show them both to seem to agree.

Here it is for you viewing pleasure. What do you think?


Eti said...

You KNOW I love it! The details excellent.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

OMGosh This is awesome. Your work is fantastic. I am no where as good as these. So thank you for the praise on mine. I have been using colored pencils off and on for a year now and still learning how to use them. Mine are just sketch book doodles. I can learn a lot just looking at yours. Thanks for vising my blog and the nice compliment.

Cock Yer Doodle said...

hehe! Thanks for the link. This rooster rocks!
Yep, you've gained another fan. :)