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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pilot Program

Partner (not her real name) con- tacted me about doodling some art that she could use on her blog: Partner With a Pilot.

Partner's (remember, not her real name) anonymity was important and so she wasn't interested in a caricature. What she wanted was a cartoon which represented the life of someone in an relationship with a airline pilot. Apparently, there is a lot of down time in an accord like that.

As I have said in the past, drawings which involve machines of any kind are a challenge for me. Planes and such can be particularly difficult because it is easy to end up with something that looks like it is flying in two different directions. Plus, finding a photo to reference for the right angles and perspective on a jet like the one Partner (N.H.R.N.) described was not to be found. So, after doodling, and un-doodling, and then re-doodling, this is what I came up with.

Partner (remember...) liked it. That made me happy. She request a drawing which had a lot of orange in it to go along with the color scheme of her blog. That was easy to do. There were plenty of sunset pics on the web.

For this illustration I am very proud of the way the jet turned out, but I also find the work I did on the light reflecting off the water appealing. Don't ask me why. I just like it.

Thanks Partner (Remember, that's not your real name) for choosing me to express the dynamics of a relationship that one has while in partnership with a pilot. Does he bring home some of those little bags of airline pretzels for you to enjoy? You know, kind of as a way of saying, "I'm sorry that I was gone so long"?

Ya'll go ahead and check out her blog, and tell her what your real name really isn't.

In other news: Some of you were harassing me over the fact that I said I was only able to come up with one quirky thing about myself. Ginger is ready to write a "tell all" book about me. (I'm still praying for you Ginger.)

So, OK!!! already!! I thought of something else... I am in the habit of folding my ears when they get cold. Yes, I've done it most of my life. I do it because I like cold things - like cold hands. I love to squeeze a cold hand. So, long ago, I developed a way to fold over my ears because I like the way it feels when they get cold and I squeeze them tight.

THERE!!! Are you happy? Boy, am I ever going to regret clicking on "Publish Post" when this one is over.


Oh no! Did I really just publish that?


Tonjia said...

AWESOME! I love the doodle! And I went to the blog and enjoyed it also.

you bend your ears? now that is a confession that will follow you around Rick. We wont hold it against you though. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Rick! Watch this space, I mey yet get you to do some more! I also have a few readers that have been asking... So it sounds like you'll get plenty of chances to perfect your plane drawings!

Partner of a Pilot said...

Oh, and I thought you'd like to see my profile picture for blogger too!

nikkicrumpet said...

I still can't bring myself to call those doodles...you captured the jet perfectly...I love it and I'm sure she was thrilled. And that whole ear thing is pretty dang quirky...should have been on the TOP of your list lol

Aleta said...

Fold your ears? Now... that's different. Got any pictures of it or maybe you could draw it? I just can't... picture... it. Hehe.

Love the doodle. You did a great job with the plane and the emotions of the relationship.

Brenda said...

Great doodle. That's quirky all right. Maybe even a little weird ; )

Cathie said...

I didn't actually get a picture of Jason opening his present, but you can see it displayed in my house.

Anonymous said...

Luv the doodle...and thanks for stopping by:)
Believe it or not...I have a few men (highly coveted) that contribute, on occasion:)
Anyone with a Harley, is alright by me:)

VanDerHoekArt said...

Great Airplane Rick! You accomplished all the things you set out to do with it and it looks really great!. The sunset and water reflections I noticed right away, also well done and it adds that touch of romance the subject matter of this doodle requires. This is one of my favorite of your commissions.

I wanna see the ear fold thing too! Is it something you could get 5 seconds on TV for or what?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love the plane and I have to confess I dont know many OTHER ear folders but I like folding my cold ears into themselves.. always have...I knew there was something I like about you LOL. ok theres loads I like about you like your family guyness and your art and your harley and now ear folding and of course eggy!
Grins ME

Paper Lady Invites said...

Please check Etsy out (you are entered even if you haven't been to Etsy!)! You should even consider selling there, maybe?

I love the giveaway name you came up with! Maybe I'll go with that from now on!

AND, hello to the other side of Oregon!


Erika said...

That is really good! I think I may be actually inspired(thanks to you!) to try to doodle THINGS instead of squiggly lines and funny faces. (I draw a killer dead tree and that is about it!!)

Erika said...

oo Etsy is a good idea!!

Cathie said...

you sure can Rick!

Anonymous said...

Bawhahahahahahaha! How big are your ears that you can fold them over? I thought only Dutch people like me had big ears:) Oh my, this is one for the records.

I have offered to video tape myself folding my eye lids inside out for my blogging friends, but so far no takers. Why do I have the feeling you would enjoy seeing that?

Let me know when you post your video of your amazing talent.

Rick said...

To Ginger: As the saying goes... "Don't hold your breath."

And no, I've always hated it when people folded their eyelids inside out. Please do not add that image to the collection of "strange" photos that I've seen of you.

But do forward one of those big ears of yours.

Alyssa's Mom said...


Rick, you are a freak!

Loved the plane, keep doodling.

Rick said...

To Alyssa's Mom: Yes, I fold my ears. Is that really so strange?

I knew that I would regret clicking the publish button.

Alyssa's Mom said...

I am so sorry for calling you a freak. I realize that by calling you a freak, it made you feel "different". I would like to make it up to you by telling you something strange about myself. Would you be willing to accept my apology?

Rick said...

To The Mother of Alyssa: Yes. The stranger the better.

(You're funny)

Alyssa's Mom said...

OK, here goes.

I have a sock issue. I have been told that I am neurotic about it.

I can't tolerate when people wear shorts and their socks are at different heights. It drives me insane, I can't stand it. I will go up to the offender and fix their socks. I have done it to my husband, to my daughter, to my friends. My husband has forbidden me to approach a perfect stranger, but OMG I want to. I now purchase only anklet socks for my family, they are always at the right height. Our friends make every attempt to go sockless when they see me, just to avoid the sickness.

I have a problem, and I admit it!

Don't even get me started on black socks with shorts! AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

Reddirt Woman said...

Good job. My favorite part is the reflections in the water. That is a difficult effect to get right and you did good Rick. The perspective on the plane is also very good. I like that you are able to challenge yourself and expand your doodling envelope.

As for the ears thing... curious.


Anonymous said...

HA! Rick, you just stay tuned and you will see those Dutch ears at some point. It's like eggy, they tend to make their appearance when least expected, LOL

So sorry you don't want to see the eye lid thingy. I had the video all set to post today. Instead you get another David blog.

Karen Deborah said...

LOL cute cartoon and now a doodle of you foldin your cold ears!!!!!