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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Re-Cricket Me

This was an illustration that I ended up having to redo. It's not a whole lot of fun for me when that happens, but I very much want my clients to be happy.

("Clients" - I sound like some kind of insurance salesman when I say that.)

Margaret wanted an illustration as a birthday gift for her son, Chris. Here he is. Hey!, looking at the photo, even I had to say that he's a good looking fellow. Wouldn't you ladies agree? The only problem is for most of you is that he lives in New Zealand!

(This is the second Chris I know from New Zealand.)

She wanted an illustration of him playing Cricket.

(You know... "Cricket"! Not the bug, but the love child of Baseball & Croquet - I think.)

When I finished, I e-mailed Margaret this caricature, and I got back one of those very polite... "Thank you. How do I pay you? Ummm, it doesn't quite look like him."

I hate that when that happens. I showed the drawing to my wife and she gave me a few suggestions. I tried to work with his face - as much as I can after already putting it down on paper, and mailed it back to her.

Then I got another photo of Chris from Margaret. Here's the second one she sent me...

Same guy? I think they're brothers. Still a good looking fellow, but definitely a different look in this photo.

(Now here's where I get up on my little caricature drawing soap box to tell you people... When you send me a photo of a loved one... A. Make sure that their hair style hasn't change, and B. Make sure that it actually looks like them. I've had people send me photos and say this doesn't look like them. Margaret didn't say that, but I'm assuming that the second photo is the more current version of Chris. No offense, I hope, Margaret. I just had to let that out.)


Here is the second piece that I put together for her.

I think she liked it. She thanked me, and paid me for it, but she never did actually say that this one looked like him.

What do YOU think?

"Bart" is his nickname. "Attack" is a Cricket term for a ball well hit. (I looked it up.) I don't understand the game, but there's a lot of things in this world that I don't understand - people mostly. But I draw them anyway.

Thank you Margaret for choosing me to celebrate Chris' birthday. I pray that the illustration made it there in time. (Today is the big day) And "cheerio" and all that from Oregon.

(Do they say "cheerio" in New Zealand?)

In other news: One week until the wedding of my eldest daughter. This is my youngest trying on her bride's maid dress. Ain't she purty?

Just get a shovel and start digging the grave now. I'm not going to be able to survive seeing all my girls dressed up for the big event.


MaBunny said...

Yeah, i like the 2nd drawing and it does look like him. You daughters are all beautiful... I'm sure you will cry at the wedding, as well as seeing all three of your daughters dressed up;)

Fire Hunt said...

I like all of your drawings. You daughter looks so beautiful.

Chris H said...

The two photos of 'Chris' certainly do look like two totally different guys! You did well with the picture. Cricket is like a national sport here over summer, as is rubgy over winter. I hate both cos Stew can sit for hours watching it. Friggin man! I don't ever say 'cheerio', it is not a common term, and mostly used by 'older' people I think. And of course ... I AM NOT OLD!!! 50 ain't old is it??? *sigh*

Blessings From Above said...

You have an amazing talent!!! I think your drawings turned out very life like. Although I do agree that the two photos sent to you do not look like the same guy.

Your daughter is beautiful!

vjc said...

The second drawing definitely looks like the second photo and the first photo I can't make out his face (although the overall impression is good) - I think you did a great job and am sure he'll be please with it.

Good job.

The Glamorous Life said...

GOOD for you.
You didn't get offended. You didn't give up. You kept at it. And it looks MUCH more like him (well the second pic!)....really I am proud of you for not just taking her money and forgetting all about it.

Rick said...

To Miss Glorious Life: You're very kind, but before you go gushing all over me... There is one illustration in my file that the client rejected and I have not gotten back to. I spent a loooot of time on it - drew it at a large size to try and get it done right. But then, when I e-mail a copy of the finished work, they request several changes. AND included the comment that my drawing of the loved one looked like the photo, but the photo wasn't a very good likeness of the loved one.

I sat the whole project aside - never took their money, but never got back to the drawing - at least not yet. I would like to try again, but it's been several months now.

I'm probably not listed on their favorites anymore.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I like the drawing and the second picture does look like his photo... huh did i say that right? well anyway Waving back at eggy!

Oh rick I met this guy today I will be posting about him in the next few days he is a pencil artist and has tons of drawings ... He said he didnt start drawing until he was 65!

I told him I sure love anything that is drawn by another I think he almost blushed :D

anyway I thought of you while I was talking to him!

Happy weekend~!

Brenda said...

The second one definitely looks more like him. Your daughters are beautiful.

Tammie Lee said...

Yes indeed the dress is lovely on your daughter.

It must be challenging to draw someone to make others happy. Gee wiz, big difference int he two pics!

Ratlion said...

Hey there,

You know what? I think both the first and the second illustration were a pretty good in capturing the likeness of the guy the first and second photograph,respectively!
Great job on both!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me such nice comments. It's always encouraging to receive positive feedback, and yours truly made my day!



DK said...

omg. your daughter is beautiful!
your drawing is so much fun. The boys look very alike with very different personalities. haha.

marina said...

As soon as someone puts his inspiration and pleasure to make something artistic (from a dinner to a...building), we all must respect his accomplishment! So I give you 100 for your drawings! After all this kind of painting should have some components of the original, isn't that right?
Your daughter is beautiful in that dress! I wish you the best for the marriage!

noexcuses said...

I thought both drawings were very good. I think your picture on Dawn M's blog is awesome. You captured her, as well as, the kids and Joe, exactly as I have seen in pics and heard Dawn talking about them.

I love your banjo drawing. My H played and still fools around occasionally with his. I think I would like to place an order for Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

VanDerHoekArt said...

Ah, Rick, it's a good thing you don't work as a Graphic Designer. For 12 years I had to deal with trying to create something based on a lot of bad information that the client would give me.

I think both drawings reflected the faces in their respective photos. You handled the situation very diplomatically and professionally. Bravo!

Margaret said...

Hi, Its Margaret here, first of all I would have to say, that I didnt complain and would have accepted the first one,just thought his face was a bit wide...and offered payment straight away, but Rick you did insist on changing it, the first photo was taken this year, the 2nd photo 2 years ago, I am very happy with the illustration, and as I emailed you even tho it hasnt arrived yet, I just printed a copy, and laminated it...I sort of feel bad that I put you to so much trouble, oh and as i am an irish-kiwi I say " Cheerio" in a cheerful way, oh and I am not old....50 is the new 40.....

Thanks again

innermostbeauty said...

thank you for the comments! I appreciate the encouragement! how long have you been a cartoonist?

Cathie said...

Oh you are going to cry seeing one of your daughters get married. I think the pictures look great.

Reddirt Woman said...

Rick your daughter is beautiful.

I like both drawings and I'm like you... I don't like to re-do a drawing, but it does make you feel a little weird when you get a cool reception when you get the drawing to them, especially when 99.9% of the time your clients are so very excited when they receive their drawings. That is one reason I quit drawing people I knew.

Stop every now and again and remember to breathe, Dad, and you will get through this. But just in case you can put my name on your Harley...


TheresaJ said...

I think you did a great job of caputuring his likeness in each photo. However, they just happen to look like two different people. You handled it very well though, I think.

You daughter is lovely. I hope you post some wedding photos for all of us to ooohhh and aaahhh over!