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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dragon On

I hope that you're not getting bored with dragon updates.  At one point I thought that this was finished, but as I look at it this morning I think that I could fiddle with in a bit more.  The problem is that sometimes I fiddle with things too much and end up hurting the illustration more than helping it.  I think every artist faces that challenge.  Anyway, for you view pleasure, here is an update on my Dragon Encounter doodle.  This is a photograph so some of the details (especially one particular detail—you regulars to my blog know, perhaps, of whom I am referring) my be difficult to pick out.

AND... Just so I can throw something in a little different on this post—here is a photo of the youngest and I getting ready to go for a ride on the Harley.  It's also my current Facebook profile pic.  The weather looks good today.  I may have to break out the bike for a quick spin.


noexcuses said...

Hi Rick! I love anything with wizards, dragons & fairies! I haven't commented in awhile, so this was my first look at a truly awesome piece of work.

Nice job! (I had to squink my eyes, but I found him!)

Nenis said...

awesome drawing ^_^

Mike said...


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Rick said...

To Mike: Sure Mike. Why not? What can I lose besides my dignity?