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Friday, March 12, 2010

A Dragon Work In Progress

I started this little doodle during the recent mini-family reunion we had a few weeks ago.  I had forgotten about it, and then rediscovered it while flipping through my sketch pad.  All that I had done was a quick pencil sketch, but it still had an appeal to me.  I've drawn plenty of dragons before, and even posted some on this blog.  I liked how this one was turning out enough to make me want to develop the illustration further.  The scribbles you see on the illustration are the outlines of a forrest that I am setting the two characters in.

There's no real purpose for this illustration; other than my the entertainment factor for me.  I have a couple of other paying jobs I need to be working on, but once I get going on something like this it's hard for me to put it away.

Stay "tooned" for dragon updates.


renman said...

"I said I wanted FRIES with that knight!"

Fire Hunt said...

I like it

DawnTreader said...

I like that dragon. Could be a great illustration to some story.