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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've been pretty busy lately but I didn't want to ignore this blog too long without posting something else.  I know that you've got to try and keep things fresh so that you, my blogging audience, will stay in the habit of checking up on me.  We artist live for the attention of their adoring public.

Here's a quick one.  I drew this for a friend that is a children's pastor in Bend, OR.  She calls her ministry "Spark."  This doodle really didn't take me long.  Often, the good ones, don't require a lot of time.  Simplicity is often the best.

I never heard if she actually put the illustration to use.  I guess I'll have to ask her the next time I see her.


Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

LOVE it!! You have a definite talent, I can't believe you did this quickly!! Nice work!

noexcuses said...

Terrific doodle, Rick! I love the colors, too!

Anonymous said...

" We artist live for the attention of their adoring public."

Huh, you, really??? ;)

Love the doodle and she better have used it!!