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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Sting is Gone

Tomorrow is Good Friday—a very special day for many people.  For those who follow Jesus, it is a time which commemorates the day when He destroyed the sting of death.

My wife thought this doodle was a bit strange.  Maybe a should take that as a compliment.  I like to create images which provoke thought.

You are welcomed to Copy & Share If You Dare this doodle.  I hope that it provokes some thought from the readers of your blog as well.

(And BTW, it's suppose to be a wasp and not a bee.  Wasp are a lot meaner than bees.  At least in my opinion.  It was three wasps that hit me the first time I got stung.  So, I've had it out for them ever since.)


Rebecca said...

Thanks for visiting my friend. Yes, HE IS RISEN INDEED!

Now...are you the Rick Green that went to SNU in Oklahoma????


Heather T. said...

Very creative! I like it :)

Rebecca said...

rick...I dare say YES we 'know/knew' each other in another WORLD!

I went to SNU in 1976-1978 and married Steven Nelson. He was heavily involved in choir, math, etc.

Now...this MIGHT jog your memory...

My sister is Faith Elliott...I went by Becky Elliot. My sister Faith married Greg Bybee!

Scroll down on my blog about a week back and you'll see a picture of Faith and I taken in 1976...right before I went to SNU!

Your work is GREAT! Always was. I still have the old BNC Cookbook I'm PRETTY SURE you did the artwork for!

Small world!

Whoot Whoot! Yes, God is good. Hope you are well! Steve and I've been married 31 years and have two GREAT KIDS!

I'm soooo glad you commented. Wow...we just never know, do we????


Rebecca said...

Rick...Steve and I head out today for Tennessee where Faith lives (I call her Linda...long story). Steve is going to do some work on their home and we are excited to see the improvements that Greg has made over the past 8 months or so.

I'll be sure to tell Faith about our hook-up!

You should see SNU...they tore down Garey Hall and a new one is going up...just beautiful!

Have a wonderful Easter celebrating our Lord. I told Steve we connected and his response was...you just NEVER KNOW who your going to meet up with on blogger! He was so excited.


clew said...

I like it :)

Just surfed by today - Enjoyed seeing your art! I'll be around again.

xo clew <)))><

Anonymous said...

I love it Rick! It's terrific!!!

Terry said...

dear rick..this is excellent. before i got to the end my husband and i agreed that it was a bee, and then just like you heard this, you say.."And BTW, it's suppose to be a wasp and not a bee."
and how right you are!
we have a goldwing and one time, bernie with great care drove the bike to the side of the road, jumped off of it and was jumping all over the place..a wasp had gotten inside his full faced helmet and was stinging him all over his head and face....oh! hurt, pain and agony it surely was!..ha!
your wife is right though..this will make people think and besides we christians ARE a sttange people, eh?

it has been nice talking to you but i better leave for now. we have had four weeks of gospel meetings so far and so i have not really had a lot of time to visit some of my blogging friend commenters!
take care and god bless and may you WIN!!...love terry